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I believe the prosthetic socket is the most important part of a prosthesis. if the socket doesn’t fit well, it doesn’t mater what component is below it. it’s not only the most important part but it is a big ordeal to get one that fits you properly. i’ve spent years with different prosthetists and different types of sockets. i’m currently in one that has been hands down the best fit i’ve ever had but through normal wear and tear, i need a new one. .

i’ve unfortunately been forced to go to a new provider by my health insurance. as an amputee, we know how long and painful this process can be. after so much time and trust is put into finding the leg maker that can fit you, to lose that is like losing a limb again. i have faith and a voice that will make sure things work out in the end but this hurdle sucks! .

complaining aside, i’m always interested in what other people are using. what type of socket are you using? and can you tell me a pro and con about it? .

i’m in a skin fit suction socket.
pro ➕: it’s the most comfortable socket i’ve ever had that allows me to be on my feet all day.
con➖: it’s difficult to make. the prosthetist has to be knowledgeable and experienced in making it or you risk tons of pain and the leg falling off/not holding suction.

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Morning! 🌞 .

i talk a lot about accessibility but another side of being an amputee is our daily lives like our morning routines. i don’t wake up with my leg on. it’s taking the time in the morning to make sure i put my leg on just right so i can go about my life. .

if you want to see more details on how i don (put on) my leg, click the link in my bio at the top of the page. .

what’s your morning routine? . 📸 @bsolliver

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Got my first custom wetsuit!
as an above knee amputee that surfs with a leg on, i always have to wear a wetsuit. it helps keep the leg from falling off. i would cut the suit at the knee so i could get my foot through and have less drag. i’d go through a suit in a few months because my socket would tear through the thigh. .

i’ve been working with @7till8wetsuits and they made this killer suit for me! the thigh is now reinforced with the same material that is used on the knee and the seams are all sealed. no more cutting. 🙏🏽 .

i’m honored to partner with this brand not just because of the amazing product but for what they represent. they not only represent diversity they embrace it. it’s a pleasure working with you, @7till8wetsuits , and meeting your awesome team. 📸 @zaccajones .
@hunterjoness @bingsurfboards

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It’s interesting how one day can be so dark and gloomy and filled with so many hard moments. then the next day is filled with so much beauty and new life. the day can just float by.
life is finite. living by that lessens the burden of those hard moments and enhances the beautiful ones. the tricky part is remembering it. i’m fortunate to have this life to practice it. ☺️❤️

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I’ve been trying to have more hiking in my life lately but it’s definitely not easy as an amputee. we’ve touched on this topic in an earlier post and i’ve taken your advice to heart. .
1️⃣trekking polls have been clutch! it adds so much more stability and confidence on the trail. .
2️⃣i use tape on my skin around the brim of my socket to prevent skin break down and rashes. .
3️⃣i also wear a @rehband calf/shin compression sleeve on my left leg.
my question is: how do you prevent skin break down at the distal end of your limb by the incision? maybe it’s just me but i’m considering something like vaseline to add a layer of protection. any advice would be much appreciated 🙏🏽☺️

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While at work yesterday my instagram blew up with some of the sweetest messages from new followers, my community and dear friends after @instagram and buzzfeed @world posted about little ol’ me.
it’s an honor and a privilege to share my story with you. at times it can be hard to share and be vulnerable. life in general can be hard. thank you for taking the time to see me ❤️
welcome! . 🎥 @hannahcecillle @alinagrosman @tommylundberg @coleplay .
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I love lefts ❤️ may seem weird since it’s my back hand but since i don’t have my back ankle or knee, all i gotta do is stick my b**t out and bam! instant rail 😎. 📸 @philalbritton

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I’ve been really feeling hiking lately. i haven’t been able to surf as much because of the weather we’ve been having but hiking puts me in a comparable state of mind. but just as i was feeling it, i got a bit of a set back.
i got pretty bummed out over the last few days because i hurt my foot while on my last trip. it wasn’t from doing anything crazy either: compression sockets, boots and a little hopping when my leg was off. it’s nuts how things can change so quickly. and how easily your thoughts can spiral. i’m grateful that the pain is subsiding and for the people that take the time to listen to me complain 😉. my amputee tip: don’t hop and limit compression to your forefoot as much as possible.

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I’m on my way to bend, oregon to speak @theworldmuse conference! i’m stoked to share my story and honored to be in the presence of so many amazing humans (@taranajaneen and @rachel.cargle 🙌🏽). as i pack, i thought it fitting to talk about flying as an amputee.

🌎global entry pass: it was always such a process getting through tsa. always taken aside and questioned. this pass definitely makes it more of a breeze.
🦵🏽do not take your leg off on the plane or you may not get it back on because of swelling. fortunately the @ottobockus_ca x3 has a bit more knee flexion so i have more room. otherwise i take the knee off but leave the socket on. i also wear a compression sock on my sound side to reduce swelling.
🧳i try to never check my bag. if i have to, i always keep a bag of all my leg stuff on me. it’s one thing to not have a change of clothes, it’s a whole mess if you don’t have what you need to keep your prosthesis working. if anyone gives you issues, make sure you tell them you have medical equipment in that bag.
i could probably go on and on about this topic. what tips do you have about flying?

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This winter has been interesting. i haven’t had this little surfing in my life for a long time. here in san diego you’re told not to surf for 72 hours after a rain because of all the run off. i tend to abide by that for the most part. surfing is one of the few things thats physically demanding, fun and, most importantly, pain free. rain is great for us but, man, do i need some vitamin sea in my life! .
ocean lovers, what do you do when you can’t be in the water? i’ll take all the suggestions i can get!

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