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I put my hand on ren’s head and so she put her hand on tao’s head 🥰🥰🥰

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Twelve hours on set with @alexachung, @tanfrance, and tan france’s chiseled pectorals for a new show called @nextinfashion

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#tbt met gala feathers everywhere. 📸by @hunterabrams!

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From blacksmithing to frank stella at the @deyoungmuseum! fun teambuilding day, great job planning, @jillian_rachel16 🌈

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Never thought i’d have the opportunity to post a blacksmithing #ootd but here we are. i have a newfound respect for gendry because making swords is really hard!!

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First stop when visiting facebook hq (and any fb office in general): stock up on the local snacks 🤗🤗

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Just got off the plane in san francisco and definitely not in cute lilac mules and fitted jeans. i will always be impressed by people who fly in real clothes and heels!!

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Happy mother’s day! i really want to recreate this photo with ren and my mom... any resourceful followers know where i can get a nightgown like this in 2019? also: let’s discuss a) my eyebrows b) my blair waldorf headband c) the creepy doll behind us

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Extremely impressed by @aimeesong’s gorgeous new @songofstyle line... even more impressed by the number of snacks she fit into her lv bag on the way out ahahah

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Woke up this morning thinking about paris and it manifested in my coco-inspired outfit today 🥐🥖🇫🇷

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This is the highest heel i’ll be able to wear for a while, for some reason (well, monday night) two of my toes have been numb for the last three days. podiatrist followers: how alarmed should i be? 🧐

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Last batch of met gala content!! in the home stretch, guys!! team instagram headed to the main event!! and phenomenal helpful @landon sprinting to open the door 💗💕❤️

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