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Please read- i feel i’m still very new to photography- it’s only around two years or less, that i’ve been experimenting and exploring. i’m still blown away every day with the kindness, support and attention that i receive from this incredible community, for something that was just a creative outlet. i spend time scrolling through many, many beautiful images, picking up inspiration from the greatest- those who i do not compare myself in any way to! most i am sure, who have been in this field for many years. it has and continues to be, a huge learning curve and i’m absolutely mortified to have offended anyone who has influenced and inspired me in my photography and painting over the last few years. there have been so many masters- old and new that i have listed - hendrik kerstens @sachagoldberger @rominaressia @jordan_sokol @inezandvinoodh @stephenbaumanartwork @rodica_godlewski @stemsandforks @danielle_van_zadelhoff @suzannejongmans @rudihuismanphotography nicolas wilmouth @maxinehelfman2 young&battaglia,
all members of photovogue. as well as the old masters- vermeer, rembrandt, da vinci. i’m sure there are many more. thank you for your continued kindness and support 💕

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Good morning- a little simplicity today. a throwback from last summer! have a great day💕

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Good morning- what a weekend! thank you so much for your lovely messages after my @instagram repost topped a million likes- it’s quite mind blowing!! back to normality today.. well here is my youngest. there is something i love about this shot- her look displays her strength of character i think! happy monday ❤️

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Good morning- i’m gradually coming back down to earth after @instagram ‘s lovely surprise repost (i’ve been in a bit of a daze!) i want to say hello to the new followers who have joined me over the weekend! i’m posting this one today of beautiful @isabellamayofficial as it’s a favourite from my new renaissance series, inspired by the hashtag from @vogueitalia (this one is also in my #photovogue portfolio- available to view via the link in my bio) have a wonderful sunday ❤️ #whpinspiredby

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Good morning.. well last night was a good night! i’m floating. thank you so much @instagram such a wonderful surprise! thank you for your lovely comments and messages. i’m quite overwhelmed! it really means a lot. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️(this is available as a limited edition fine art print)

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Good morning- i’m very happy that it’s friday as i’m pretty tired (my girls have gone back to being tired after a full week at school 😩) my painting is shaping up, but i have less than a week to finish! i will leave you with these beautiful bottles from @homebarn filled with baby’s breath- it reminded me of little snow flurries! happy friday 💕

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Good morning- thank you for lovely comments on my story (i’ve posted my work in progress- not the best quality photo, i took it with my phone! i have 8 days to finish it, to submit it to the @rsportraitpainters - i hope i can manage it!) anyway- here is a shot of a still life that was accepted by @vogueitalia for #photovogue yesterday. i now have 50 shots on my portfolio! thank you so much to the editors @alessiaglaviano @chiaranonino @maranif happy thursday!❤️

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Good morning- thank you for all of your love for yesterday’s post- here is another beautiful english rose- this shot of izzy @isabellamayofficial was accepted by the editors @vogueitalia for #photovogue most of my shots are now available as limited edition fine art prints, (signed, numbered, with a certificate of authenticity)so just send me a dm if you have a request- i’ve already sent prints to the usa, france, ireland as well as the uk. happy wednesday 💛

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Good morning- i submitted this photo of my beautiful david austin rose from last summer, to #photovogue which was accepted by the editors @vogueitalia i’m really looking forward to longer days, full of light and colour. (it’s still pitch black as i post this!) have a great day 🧡

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Good morning- monday already??! the weekend has flashed by! i will leave you with some more stunning blooms from @therealflowerco that i was #gifted just before christmas. these ones had such an amazing fragrance! good luck to those going back to routine today after the holidays💕

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Good morning- i hope you are having a great weekend- i thought i would post this one today- another modern take, on an old master and one of my favourites! have a lovely sunday 💛#whpunexpected @instagram

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Good morning- a lovely short week for us, so the weekend feels like a bonus. i’m joining in with the @instagram weekend hashtag project today. as you know, i have a passion for the old masters such as vermeer, and rembrandt. i wanted to capture their unique light and atmosphere when i photographed izzy @isabellamayofficial but to then add an element of the #whpunexpected to bring it into 21st century! happy weekend 💛

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