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Happy friday! (yes, i pounced on the phone immediately after this shot was taken)

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Me after realizing i’m already late and deciding to hit snooze one more time anyway...

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All up in my face...

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What a little gentleman...

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My best advice...as with any new medication/flea product please consult a vet before using a new medication on your pet. not all products work for all animals and you should always consult a professional before administering anything new to your pet.

as an experienced pet-parent, what’s the best advice you would share with other pet owners on how to care for your pets?

getting fleas and ticks doesn’t mean you’re a bad pet parent. these things happen, but it is important to do what you can to keep your babies safe. thankfully, petsmart now carries @petarmor products. buying petarmor plus at petsmart is convenient since i’m already there to buy all of ham’s other favorite things.
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Happy easter everyone!

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What happens in the litter box, should stay in the litter box. #ad
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Busting out the old la-z-cat recliner might be the best decision i’ve made all year. if anyone needs me i’ll be right here, doing this and nothing else, for the foreseeable future...

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The evolution of fluff...
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(plus how cute is baby hammy!!!)

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This mane is getting out of control...

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Thinks he’s slick pretending to sleep so i leave him alone...

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