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Finally back with a decent internet connection after spending 4 days in the altitude of 4000-5000m+ of the everest region of nepal. while many would imagine and think of the magnificent and beautiful mountain ranges that comes along with these heights, what i’ve also witnessed is the way of life of the people at this altitude. porters and workers carrying heavy equipments through and fro base camp to the nearest village for top up and barely scrapping back and meeting ends meet for their families back home hundreds of kilometres away from the tourist spot that is the everest base camp trek.
while many would think that i’ve gone to nepal for the bangers and landscape, i have actually gone and came back with a deeper sense of gratification and compassion for what i have back home in singapore.
shot with canon eos r + canon ef16-35mm f4l usm. @canonsingapore #canonasia #canoneosr

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What i really miss now is the night streets colours and the warmth of bangkok and @lordofthemanure . everything is pitch dark here at night and surviving by thick blankets and socks.
shot with canon eos r + canon ef70-200mm f2.8l usm @canonsingapore @canonasia #canonsg #canoneosr

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It’s human nature to feel sad whenever a iconic sign or structure is removed/bound to be removed during its announcement. something we get so used to seeing everyday gone. a slice of history removed from its book forever. but what about before the announcement of removal? what emotions do we have? nothing right? food for thought for everyone.

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People take things for granted usually and only realised it after losing that sense of comfort and familiarity. take for example the transport system, would you rather have a “world class” train system everyday at a cheap cost or bargain your way and get stuck in traffic in taxis?
shot with canon eos r + canon ef70-200mm f2.8l iii usm.
@canonasia @canonsingapore #canonsg #canoneosr

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Enhanced panning vs natural panning

as a visual artist, i usually compensate my lack of technical skill as a “photographer” with photoshop. hahaha all jokes aside, i’m sure everyone came across light panning trails like this everywhere on instagram since it is increasingly popular not only for its amazing aesthetics and visuals but for the satisfaction of getting it right on photoshop especially since photoshop can be very intimidating to beginners including myself.
here i combined the basics of panning with my camera and photoshop’s motion blur function to enhance my panning shot in shinjuku, tokyo. to learn how to do this, please check my instagram stories real soon for step by step tutorials and i’ll also be touching on selective split toning function on @lightroom mobile app!
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This is one of the hardest shoots i’ve ever done in singapore or anywhere else. holding the camera with one hand and an umbrella on the other while the heavy rain poured on my bag, soaking my jeans and shoes. the discomfort of being soaked with the cold rain becomes more obvious while waiting in the middle of the rain hoping for the perfect subjects to step into frame. but this is also the most satisfying part of photography, because once you snap that perfect moment everything becomes irrelevant, even falling sick the next day.
shots taken with the canon eos r + canon rf28-70 f2l usm @canonsingapore #canonsg #canoneosr
swipe to the right to check out the behind the scene shot by @desss_l

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As a amateur photographer and visual artist (lmaooo), post processing of photos are vital steps to achieve photos that stands out from the rest as well as customising them to your own speciality and style. i often use both adobe lightroom and photoshop to edit my photos. i’ll be highlighting the rgb curve function of lightroom as well as the smart object stack function to achieve this photo.
swipe right and left to see the effects of rgb curve. this shot comprises of 34 different photos of the iconic marina bay sands and the light trails from the duck boats. i’ll be posting the tutorial to achieve this image on my stories as well as story highlights. so please do check it out soon!
@lightroom @adobecreativecloud #adobeoncolour #adobepartner
shot with canon eos r + canon ef16-35mm @canonsingapore #canonsg #canoneosr

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Hong kong classic that’ll never get old.

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The biggest gem in singapore right now. singapore going all-in on the aviation industry. the spiralling shape kind of represents the whole flying over to singapore to witness this magnificent creation. what a time to be a singaporean!! shot with the canon eos r + canon ef16-35mm f4.0l usm @canonsingapore @canonasia #canonsg #canoneosr .
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