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Ladies, let's play a game right now, how many photos do you have in your camera roll? 5000? 10k? 15k? 😅 and how many of those many made it in print and on to your walls? no lie, i have over 11,000 and only 3-4 prints are part of my decor. 😆 and you know what, those are my favorite decor pieces that literally bring a smile to my face every time i see them. just in time for mother's day, pick a photo, a memory, a feeling that makes you happy and get it on those walls! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @nationsphotolab did an amazing job with the double matted mounting at an awesome price. 👌🏼their photo gifts start at just $15 so every mom could feel the love this mothers day. get a closer look at the quality of the frame on my stories. use joyfullygreen5 to save more!

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April 22nd is earth day and i couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with kai! 🌍 i think toddlerhood is the perfect age to introduce the concept and have them contribute. 🌸 #ad on the blog today, i am sharing top 5 family friendly ways to celebrate earth month. ❤️as for us mamas, one of the easiest things to do is be more conscious about we put on our bodies and what goes down the drain. clean beauty doesn’t have to break the bank either. right now, @krogerco is having a fabulous buy $15 save $5 beauty event. 🙌🏼 you can pick up my clean beauty crush @lovebeautyandplanet with all cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and silicones free, ethically sourcec products in 100% recycled (& super cute) bottles. the shampoo and conditioners smell so incredible too, it completely transforms my being. ⭐️ read more about ways you and your family can do our part for our planet!

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What’s better than kids eating for free? kids flying for free! ✈️ yup, your summer vacay just got more affordable! 😱 i repeat, this is not a drill! kids under 15 now fly for free with discount den membership (restrictions apply). this is a total game changer for us to be able to afford more family trips together! ❤️ we have been itching to visit legoland and @flyfrontier wants to send your family on a 4- night adventure to orlando with flights, hotel and tickets covered in celebration of their #kidsflyfree offer! all you have to do is show us your kiddo’s #gettogodance celebration moves! head to link in my bio to enter! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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It’s official! we survived 1 week screen free. tv was our biggest challenge. here is what i learned:

1. i thought it was going to be so much extra work on us. it was basically punishing ourselves with zero alone time. i was wrong. day 2-3 she started playing more independently, with more imagination and pulled out toys she hasn’t touched in years.

2. bedtime became less of a struggle. there wasn’t a fight to turn off tv or begging for 1 more episode
3. we played more, made more meals together, talked more about our feelings and how to express them in a productive way.

i’m not saying it was a perfect week without tantrums but i think we are going to extend it for another. or until kevin and i finally break down and need to breeeaaath for a second. if you are thinking about this, just do it, talk to your kiddos about why. i’m out of town next week so stay strong kevin 😂 are you guys doing it with me? what’s your finding so far??? #parenting #motherhood

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Home is where the heart ❤️(and the lively toddler) is! when you are thinking about a spring refresh, add in pieces that warms your heart with joy!🎉 mine lit up when i saw this really cute “this is us” sign and i knew it would add happiness to our space! i am so excited to show you ways we will #bringhearthome this april in partnership with @stage. all month long, stage is raising money for american heart association to make a true different in our health and community. 👉🏼now until end of april, share a photo with #bringhearthome on either facebook or instagram and, stage will donate $1.00 to support american heart association. i cannot wait to see your heart smart moments! #onanystage #sponsored

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How kevin found out about baby #2. 👶🏻 call me hormonal with back to back preggo post but i soo wanted to surprise him (after all this might be our last time with a new baby). kai was a complete surprise for both of us and he found out the moment that i did. getting to hold on to this little secret and reveal it to him was so special to me! did you tell your hubbies / family right away? how did you do it? i’d love to know!

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Remember the 11 negative pregnancy tests??? ⭐️ this here was our winner winner chicken dinner. our testing experience couldn't have been more of a roller coaster ride. 🎢🤔i knew in my heart my body was different. something told me to keep testing but we were so disappointed time after time. a friend actually suggested we pick up the @clearblue digital pregnancy test to get a clear result in words, and what do you know, this is what it showed! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 so excited for the next chapter as family of 4!

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What’s your favorite part about entertaining prep? 🤔 is it the decorating 💐or the cooking🥘? can you guess which part i stay up dreaming about?? 😂 with easter around the corner, i’m so excited to show you how to set a timeless easter table that will transition for everyday use! 🌸i am all for layering a classic foundation then peppering in surprising twist. these mismatched floral plates coupled with champaign finished silverware reminds me of treasures you would find in your most stylish aunt’s china hutch. 💁🏻‍♀️head to link in my bio to shop this @marthastewart for @macys easter look! 🐣 #madewithmartha #sponsored

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Do you secretly get so excited when you find the best smelling hand soaps in other people’s guest bathrooms? 🤣🤣🤣 that’s why i stocked our guest suite (aka the lemon room 🍋), with the beeest eva @rawsugarliving raw coconut + mango hand wash. 🥥🥭 they just launched a refill that replenishes the bottle twice so we can reduce waste and feel good about it! the best part, for every product that you buy, raw sugar donates a fresh bar of soap to a family in need. #rawlovin #rawthankyou love and kindness are so important, so please join me in working to help make a difference. ❤️ just look for the bamboo tops & white bottles at your local @target.
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I’ve been thinking about some sugar free easter basket ideas and have to show y’all what we threw together! 🌸🐥🤗 i love a little personalized touch like an embroidery hoop for decor, dress up accessories to help her dream big and of course, the super sweet @cuddleandkind friend like ella the unicorn in a pompom onesie! for every ethically produced, hand-knit doll sold, they give 10 meals to hungry children around the world. 1 doll = 10 meals. ❤️ i can’t imagine a better way to teach kai about thinking of others! i’ll link em for y’all on stories. the new dolls are so darling! ⭐️ #whpvibes #easterbasket #easterdecor #playroomdecor #teepee #rainbowballoons #abmlifeiscolorful #letthembelittle #cuddleandkind

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Day 3 screen free: tantrums-2, sleep time fights-0. if you saw the saga on my stories earlier this week, we are taking a week long break from tv because the acting out has been an epic high! we got into a habit from being bedridden and stomach virus of tv alll the time and it’s like she turned into a different little girl. it finally came to a head on wednesday night and the terror was so scary. so, we talked, i explained why we are not going to watch tv for a while and here we are, 3 days in and she’s done a complete 180. talking and interacting so much more with her toys. her temperament is more mild and even. i am so surprised how many of you have done a week long- month long no screen run. i don’t think complete elimination is the answer for our family. after all, us mamas (and daddies too) just need a break sometimes to survive. and not gonna lie, i miss movie night and her fav netflix shows. i think we are going to do a 2 hour a week limit after this stent but will report back! so many of y’all shared your experience on the question sticker, leave more tips and experience here so other mamas can see too plz!

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What’s fluffy, colorful, loud and love to dance? ❤️ you guessed it, trolls! 😸new episodes of @trolls the beat goes on! are now available on @netflixfamily. #ad have you guys seen the show? 🌈 kai loves dancing and singing along to the upbeat songs and i love the glass half full, always positive outlook it teachers her to have. plus, who can resist all this rainbow party fun? ⭐️🎉 the songs are already stuck in my head! check out the trailer in my stories

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