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Some lava roads lead nowhere (view from helicopter).

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Between two yew trees is a doorway to a new world

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He leadeth me...

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What’s not to like about edinburgh? whiskey, architecture, castles, shopping and...men in kilts!

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Land of fairy tales and castles

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I haven’t viewed all of the shots i took in the uk yet. but i managed to get to this one today. this is the grand bath inside the roman baths.
the place (hot springs 114f) - was once used for public bathing and is now this city’s major attraction. there’s so much to see and learn here. no tripods allowed but ancient stones work just as well.

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my entry - just for fun #ru_blue_19

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The tree of life - shot at sunset on our last night in orlando.

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Geodesic (only edit was changing to bnw)

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China skies (sort of)

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No respect

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The penny lane

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