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Happy dads day ❤ ily sm x

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Nyc lyfe ☆

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¡ʇɥƃᴉuoʇ uᴉ ǝunʇ ♡

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Late night posts

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3 years later... w the ppl i love ❤

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I luv this look v much...makin my hair dreams come truuuuuuue ☁️♡

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One month! #strangerthings3

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I'm so lucky to have some powerful, ambitious, and loving women in my life that teach everything i need to know and what i deserve as a young woman. dementia is one of the worst and scariest things in the world and seeing my grandmother go through this is heartbreaking but reminding her who i am and all of our memories makes me smile but most of all, nanny. to everyone who is watching their loved one go through this, remind them of all the love they deserve. love u nan. happy sunday 🖤

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Thank you @instagram

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Thank you so much @instagram it was an honor to be featured as the first #threeminuteautobiography! #godzillamovie

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4 madisons... which one is the real mad dawg? may 31st godzilla: king of the monsters will be in your theater💙🦖🦋💚

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You guys! summer starts with @godzillamovie. #godzillamovie roars into theaters may 31! check out the final look now! link in bio

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