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Happy weekend from this big cutie!

📸// @kinleythesaint wearing glacier

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If you knew my dogs, you’d know how well this photo sums up their personalities 😂// have you checked our stories?! we’re away for the week and i miss these two so much! does anyone else require photos of their dogs when they’re not with them... or just me? 🙈

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Happy wednesday everyone! i hope your having as great of a day as kona is 😍

📸// @goldenkonabear wearing santa fe

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Puppies + their blankets 😍

📸// @roamwithcharlie with our santa fe pet sleeper blanket

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Tulip season is the best season 🌷

📸// @freya.the.boxer wearing mojave

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When colorado is expecting even more snow when you’re ready for spring 😫 // at least we have our cozy sleeper blankets to keep us warm!

📸// @atlaswithnorth

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Our ranger bandanas are restocked! // we will be releasing them in small batches due to the amount of time + care each bandana takes. each one includes a varied set of patches making them all unique!

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Loving everything about this shot + this color combo on wally! 😍

📸// @wally_the_dood wearing kalahari

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New shirts will be hitting the shop soon as well as restocks on our never adventure alone baseball hats! 🙌🏼

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Happy sunday! hope you all had a great weekend 😊

📸// @meetkodapup wearing scout

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🚨 shiloh is back in stock in all sizes! // huge shoutout to the sweet soul gabby at @moosewears for making this restock possible!

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How to cuddle featuring baker:
favorite toy ✔️
sleeper blanket ✔️
cozy spot to lay ✔️

📸// @goodboybaker in our everest sleeper blanket

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