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Tag someone in the comment who you want to be with right now⠀⠀
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Vigils for john lennon, road trips with annie leibovitz, portraits of dennis hopper … wim wenders took thousands of polaroids while making his classic films.
the polaroids have been grouped under characteristically evocative titles: photo booths, jukeboxes and typewriters; looking for america; california dreaming; mean streets. together, they add up to an impressionistic diary of a time when “there was no sadness, no anger, there was nothing but sheer innocence, not only my own, but everyone around me. the films were made from one day to another without any great thinking process. they were made from the gut – and the polaroids also are made from the gut.”
“at the time, it was part of everyday life, another thing you used for living – like food and air and the stinky cars we were driving and the cigarettes everyone was smoking. today, making a polaroid is just a process.”

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Ek hee raasta
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You don't hate mondays.⁣⠀
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Comment below if you haven't watched a single episode of got ever. ⁣⠀
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The city has become a bad habit.⁣⠀
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Catch avanti on our instagram story today / @avantinagral

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The process of making something spiritually or ceremonially clean.⁣⠀
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Window or aisle? .
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What's up?⁣⠀
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