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We get so worried about
being pretty. let's be
pretty kind.
pretty funny.
pretty smart.
pretty strong. ❤️
~britt nicole
🌿 #feels

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➡️ help me caption this pic! 🍍
well, i was gonna be super cheesy (as per usual 😂) and say something about how we should all be more like a pineapple (and be sweet on the inside and wear a crown 👑),
hah, but i think you guys will do a much better job coming up with a cute caption that won’t make us all pine for something better... 🤦🏻‍♀️
#oops #cantstop share yours below! i’ll feature the best ones on my story! 😍
❤️ happy friday friends!
👙 from @revolve

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Your life is a reflection
of your thoughts.
if you change your thinking,
you change your life.
enjoying the endless shades of blue from my hotel room at @fssurfside ... 😍meanwhile, the secret behind the hairstand pose is now revealed thanks to this mirror. 😂
ps. i know, i know.. yogis are weird, we see a mirror & take a selfie, but not exactly the same way most people do... 🙈

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Some moves to help me unwind after traveling ❤️

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Reach for the stars but keep your
feet on the ground ⭐️
making shapes with my sis-star
103 floors up,
1353 feet high,
in an all-glass box,
that extends 4.3 feet off
the edge of the building... 🙈
i know it sounds crazy, but anything feels possible when you’re with someone who’s got your back...
#whpsheinspiresme ❤️
who has your back, no matter what? tag them here!
swipe left to get a glimpse of my view looking down the glass floor above downtown chicago with @tditty2 balancing on my back... 👀
#sisters #yogaeverywhere

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Snippets of an actual acro-yoga conversation that are way more innocent than they sound:
“do you want to be on top or bottom?”
“let’s do it again but a little slower.”
“my hips need to be over your hips.”
haha, tell me something you’ve said to your acro partner that easily could’ve been taken out of context & tag them here!👇🏼
also, check out my story to see how @tditty2 & i got into this fun partner pose!
#sisters #beachday #acroyoga

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You don’t have to move mountains.
simply fall in love with life. be a
tornado of happiness, gratitude and
acceptance. you will change the world
just by being a warm, kind-hearted
human being. ❤️
~ anita krizzan
my new mantra, because kindness is free, and it makes this world a more beautiful place to live.
happy friday friends, and happy international women’s day to all of you strong, beautiful ladies! 😍
shapes in the prettiest hallway at @fssurfside 🌿

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Reunited with my (acro) partner in crime, @tditty2 & i couldn’t be happier. 💙
#sistertime we have so many similarities, but our 8-inch height difference can sometimes be tricky when trying out a new partner pose!
in this one we each took turns doing handstand & cobra, and it was so interesting to see how our height difference affected the final shapes of the posture. tova will be posting her handstand variation, and here‘s a couple of mine (which do you like best - 1 or 2? i couldn’t decide 🙈)
swipe left for the video of how we get into & out of this pose, and for a glimpse of how much fun we have when the two of us get together. 💙
#sisterlove #beachbums

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Every no, every rejection,
they're all a part of the
invitation - the universe on remix,
awaiting us to step into
the bigger story our past has
prepared us for.
~ danielle doby
feeling these words a little extra today as i’m reminded of all the doors that didn’t open for me, no matter how hard i tried or wished for them to.
it’s easy to peek into someone else’s life and only notice what’s going right for them. but remember - behind every success you see, that there are always numerous fails, closed doors, & rejections first.
so if you’re going through anything similar, and feel like you’re working hard but not getting anywhere... hang in there.
everything will unfold exactly the way it’s meant to. and more often than not, the universe has something better waiting for you than anything you ever could have planned. ❤️

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Some days i amaze
myself. other days i look for
my phone while i’m holding it. 🤦🏻‍♀️
#truestory #tgif .
new post on the blog 🎉 (link in bio)
you asked & i listened!
my new blog post shares which 3 photo-editing apps are my favorite and how i use them to help give my pics a little pop!
wanna see what this photo looked like beforehand? check out my stories for the ‘before & after’, and then click the link in my bio to read how i achieved this final look.
ps. swipe left for the video of how i get into this cool headstand variation! ❤️
pps. let me know if you give any of these editing tips a try, and tag me in your pics so i can see! 😍
happy friday friends!

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After tuesday even the calendar
goes wtf... 📆
haha, just a little hump-day humor to get you through the rest of the week.
couldn’t decide which pic to post (indecisive #libragang ♎️),so i’m sharing all 3... 🙈
which one is your favorite? 1, 2, or 3?
photo cred: @ljbnyc1
* the last one is a little bts video where i asked luc to make sure i didn’t get run over before doing one final shaky handstand & then calling it a day... 😂

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You need to learn how to select
your thoughts just the same way
you select your clothes every day.
this is a power you can cultivate.
if you want to control things in
your life so bad, work on the mind.
that's the only thing you should
be trying to control.
~ elizabeth gilbert 💜
revisiting these words and feeling
their potency more than ever.
because everything we do begins
as a thought. so imagine what we
can do if we change our thoughts...
we can transform our entire lives. 🌿
shape inspired by the lovely @the_exit_strategy .. about a year go i tried this headstand variation in middle of the room but it was a no-go 😂 .. using the wall was definitely a game changer.
swipe left for the video. 😍

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