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"temple high"
bangkok | thailand
- wat arun is one of the most impressive temples in bangkok if not all of thailand. the massive scale combined with the intricate details makes it a sight to behold.

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siem reap | cambodia
- today was my birthday and this was how i got to spend the last moments of it: relaxin in a hut, watching a beautiful sunset, overlooking a gorgeous lotus field. it was also the last full day of my 3 week trip. couldn't ask for a better way to reflect and soak in all the adventures and new memories i've made along the way. shared some laughter with old friends that met up along the way and created new bonds with some new friends that crossed paths. saw the cherry blossoms in japan, kayak in vietnam, celebrated the beginning of thai new years in thailand and the ending of cambodian new years in cambodia, not to mention some amazing temple exploring in both. i realize i am very fortunate to travel and have never take it for granted. hope everyone get the opportunity to escape some time this year. where would you go?

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"choul chnam tmey"
phnom penh | cambodia
- happy tlc (thai, lao, cambodian) new years to all my fellow peeps who celebrate. may the new year bring you much happiness and prosperity. here the national museum in phnom penh is decorated for the festivities.

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kyoto | japan

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"sakura season"
osaka | japan
- the reason we came to japan. it was as beautiful as imagine to be. seemed like the whole country was in bloom.

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"lighting up"
mt. fuji | japan
- the highlight of my trip in japan was definitely watching the peak of fujisan light up as the sun rose on a crisp cold frosty morning over the lake. thanks to my dear friends @olivej714 @mjime714 @drew1822 for planning and exploring all over japan with me. have a safe trip back home as i continue the next leg of my trip solo.

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"bon voyage"
del mar | california
-been too homebound for awhile. about to leave on a 3 week international trip. hope to be able to share some new adventures with everyone. see you on the flipside.

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coyotes buttes north | arizona

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"baby blues"
wildflowers | california
- ok, just one more flower pic. these blue beauties in the foreground are called "baby blue eyes" and offer a striking cool color against the vibrant warm colours of the other hillside wildflowers. and yup this was taken right from the main trail.

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"gettin' in my greens"
prairie creek redwoods s.p. | california
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-in honor of st patty's day

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"orange you happy to see me?"
poppies | california
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