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@le8shoes are handmade exclusively by female artisans in the brand’s home city, casablanca. the raffia-focused line is all about keeping it natural: le 8 uses vegetable dyes to create the bold colors in their collection 🥦🍅🥕👠

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It turns out, sometimes you *can* judge a book by its cover. especially when the cover is designed by @juniperbooks. founder thatcher wine started selling books he picked up at estate sales in 2001 as a hobby. in 2005, he expanded to curating full libraries around the world and, in 2010, designing custom book sets. now, juniper books has a few thousand books coming in and out of his warehouse in boulder, colorado every week. juniper also makes custom designs for existing collections—from authors including toni morrison, elena ferrante and jk rowling.

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"all the shoes are named after my friends,” says designer @nicole_saldana of her namesake line of shoes. “it allows me to create this super diverse range… to touch on all the different kinds of personalities of the girls that i call my family." that family includes #rihanna and #bellahadid, who have both been spotted in nicole’s handmade-in-portugal shoes.

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@ayr launched with a simple premise: making seasonless clothing that would look good in #tbt posts for years to come. co-founders max bonbrest, jac cameron and maggie winter joined their fashion industry superpowers to create the closet staple line in fall 2016. the brand’s signature piece is the robe (pictured on max, right): “it’s a lightweight, long, unlined jacket and it works as a cardigan, jacket… and blanket.” we’ll take 10.

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Featuring mix-and-match earrings made from upcycled and found materials, @svnrshop melds ethics and aesthetics into a look that’s as nostalgic as it is effortlessly cool—all while creating less than a coffee cup's worth of waste each season 💚♻️

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“i see such beauty in the shape of the monstera leaf,” says designer-artisan @paulinestanleystudio of her inspiration for the monstera mobile. “maybe because it’s associated with a tropical feeling. i live in virginia, so it’s not like those plants are growing wild around here!” see more of @paulinestanleystudio ’s work on our story today 🌿

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Today is extra special for @pamplemousse_studio founder danica zheng; it’s her first mother’s day as a mom (daughter cerise is about to turn one)! last year, after she had cerise, danica relaunched her brand with a new focus on sustainable creation and accessible designs—plus, sizes for both women and children. “i want to always be able to wear what i design,” says danica. “this sweatshirt can transition me from taking care of my baby at home to a meeting. it saves me a lot of time!”
today on our story, spend mother’s day in nyc with danica and cerise!

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“i’m the opposite of a minimalist,” says designer @susan_alexandra. “i’ve always been into abundance.” susan’s joyful jewelry and bag designs match that aesthetic—with their bright saturated colors and beaded textures, they’re like wearable emojis.

today on our story, find out what surprising items are inside susan alexandra’s go-everywhere bag.

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“everyone calls our genuine jeans the 'traveling pants,'” says @feeljeans founder and ceo @stevie_dance, who refined the brand’s sole design for 4 years before launching. “i tried them on different friends, even my boyfriend and his friends—curvy, tall, short, sporty, every body type,” she says.

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“my mom was my biggest influence,” says @cafune.official co-founder queenie fan. “growing up, i would watch her coordinating prints and matching accessories.... it was fascinating.” as she got older, queenie’s interest turned into a full-on obsession, with a focus on vintage japanese streetwear and handbags. after graduating from the rhode island school of design, she worked as an accessories designer in new york city. in 2015, she moved back to hong kong and partnered with a childhood friend, day lau, to launch cafuné. “some of our handbags are more unconventional with unique shapes. we worried that customers would find it difficult to understand.” instead, queenie happily reports, the unusual shapes became cafuné’s best sellers.

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“i believe in a ‘no wrong answers’ approach to beauty,” says @glossier founder and ceo emily weiss. when she was dreaming up @glossier play, emily says she wanted to give her og glossier fans more tools for self-expression, but this time with a focus on color. the resulting line—a skittles-like assortment of eye pencils, shiny lip shades, shimmery glitter gels and more—offers just that.

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In 2018, sarah gibson tuttle—founder of la’s nail salon chain @oliveandjune—did something radical. she stopped getting professional manicures. “i'm a salon girl,” she says. “i used to go every 5 to 6 days.” sarah was expanding olive & june to include a nail product line, and she wanted to understand what it was like to do your own nails at home (specifically what was annoying about it). she took her own experiences into account when designing the brand’s debut line—and the creation of the poppy tool, which makes it easier to paint with your non-dominant hand. now, sarah says, “i still do my nails. i love it. and frankly, if you ever look at me on instagram… i'm good at it.”

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