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Ingo and friends are the members of @tanja_brandt 's family who is an incredible animal photographer. these furry and feathered beauties are perfect models to portray beautiful, sweet and unexpected moments between two extremely different species. “i’ve always loved animals, since i was a baby, unlike the rest of my family"- tanja said. "when i was little, i found every sort of pet and then hid it from my parents. i love the beauty, power, loyalty, courage, and friendship of animals. many people could learn from them.” @tanja_brandt is a bit crook in hospital at the moment. head on over to her page and wish her well 🤗

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“it’s a wrap” with @bo_berkman. got a better pun for us? comment away.
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Tomáš moravec affixed a set of wheels onto a wooden pallet and proceeded to ride down an entire tram track in bratislava, slovakia.

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Give this superhero a name....💭
via @subwaycreatures
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Explore the world of @crulrich
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Smooth take off🛫... thoughts?
at hamburg miniature airport @miniaturwunderland
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What time is it where you live?
dillion gallery is showing @humanssince1982 a million times 96 vertical at art miami.
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This is as relevant today as it was when @plasticjesus first made it several years ago.
the inspiration behind the piece is as follows:
“back in the late 1990s i was a news photographer. like most news guys my regular diet of hard news (what i call real stories) was interweaved with showbiz and celebrity 'news'. to attract more website hits, readers, and magazine sales, publishers realised that celeb news sold way more than 'real news'. so the never ending demand for celebrity news and images exploded. along with the countless reality shows that spawned a new 'famous for being famous' status.
in a huffington post piece i wrote: if we want a better quality media we should stop making s****d people famous. it was intended as a criticism of us, the consumer, we buy the magazines, view the websites, read the newspapers.
whenever it gets posted, tagged or tweeted online it's always followed by a list of notable 'celebrities' names. it was never meant to be that. it was meant to be a wake up call to us.”

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Street art by @nychos
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Her place is in skin | photograph by briana gardener (@brianagardener )
“this photograph features women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. wearing absolutely no makeup and in outfits styled to match the tone of their skin, the women will combat unhealthy beauty standards by celebrating their so-called ‘flaws,’ proving that beauty is no one color, size, or shape, and that true empowerment is much deeper than the skin,” writes #yourshotphotographer briana gardener. “posing together, these women will celebrate the strength that lies in community and the power that lies in unity.” this shoot was part of the her place is in (@herplaceisin ) community; styled by michelle singleton (@mishellly ). this photo was selected for the january 11, 2019 edition of our photos of the week series.

“this is one awesome portrait, briana! it's an intersectional celebration of women of all shapes and tones. their tender pose reinforces the reminder that women and female-identifying folks should be supporting each other across the board. well done!” — @natgeoyourshot associate photo editor kristen mcnicholas (@kemcnicholas )

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Need a gift for that special cat who has everything? 🐱
created by ruan hao for hangzhou and hong kong-based architecture firm lycs, catable is a functional wood table that’s designed for both people and cats!

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Hyperrealism at its best with @mikedargas.
which's your fave 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10...?
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