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This was supposed to be part of a set but it didn’t fit. but at least it’s done now.

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These new stretchers have been a game changer. and more importantly a gift from my girl crush @jessicasorentang 🥰

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Happy international women’s day.

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February 2019 comment 100 star 14,998

Starts with a sketch.

January 2019 comment 136 star 10,657

First completed piece of 2019, its been hard to find time to sit down and work lately. much less social media. 🙄

January 2019 comment 497 star 33,985

It’s been a hectic month with wedding number two. drained empty but happy. i’m looking forward to some productive time to work on personal projects. thank you for your commissions, please be patient. 🌙

December 2018 comment 81 star 13,142

Hair in progress.

December 2018 comment 104 star 15,147

Back home in malaysia and trying to be productive.

December 2018 comment 50 star 11,832

Last days to see all 27 hand embroidered pieces in “times new romance” ending 9th of november, 2018. #timesnewromance

November 2018 comment 195 star 16,833

Knowledge is power.

November 2018 comment 31 star 12,903

Girls getting ready, 10x10 inch on view at @itemeditions through 9th november. more information in bio. #timesnewromance

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