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A convenient way to clean your house or a convenient way to get around your house? 🤔😆 #mirobotvacuum 📷 @shibithefox

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Welcome to a world with no boundaries #mimix3 #artxtechnology

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How do you like to start your day? #mi8lite and ________ 📷 @nurtaika

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A lamp that adjusts to your life with over 16 million colors to choose from #mibedsidelamp #miband3

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An awesome submission to our previous #shotbymi contest from @ferooz_outdoor we'll be announcing another photography contest in the next few weeks so stay tuned! in the meantime make sure to use the hashtag #shotbymi to be featured on our feed! #shotonmi8

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Capture your work of art with a work of art #mimix3

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Be the master of speed with the #mielectricscooter where would you go with it?

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Chasing sunsets, literally #shotbymi #shotonmia1 #chasingsunsets 📷 @adinngrh_

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Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations #shotbymi what adventures will you go on with mi? 📷 @manwex96

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A true fullscreen beauty #mimix3 where would you take the mi mix 3 to go shooting? 📷 @richardjwtang

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Sometimes in life you just need to slow things down. what would you shoot in 960 fps? #mimix3 #shotbymi #shotonmimix3 #artxtechnology 📷 michelle sirignano

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The best sunday afternoon companion #mi8lite #lazysunday 📷 @nurtaika

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