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“to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” - audrey hepburn 💙

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Rey has gorgeous brown eyes but they only show in direct sunlight.. this is one of those rare moments when you can see them.. 😁
we are just chilling this morning but soon we’ll have a nice walk to the nearby vulcanic area! we love these peaceful days in nature!
i hope everyone has a pleasant easter weekend!
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Happy easter from this silly fox on her favorite @pendletonwm 🌼 #mypendleton #eastersunday #smokymountains

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Our walks on the lake almost come to end. the ice becoming too thin and few places you can see water. the landscape we within few weeks changes completely and it will be a huge experience for us to discover our first spring in our new surroundings❤️ #frozenlake #weeklyfluff #dogsofig

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I was going to tell you a joke about an easter egg but it's not all that it's cracked up to be... 🐣 hoppy easter every bunny!

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Happy easter from our new easter eggers! 🐣 .
we added six new chicks to our flock! (and yes, two of them the breed is actually called easter eggers 😂) we are acclimating luna and koda to them while their young so they’re used to each other as they grow! should we share more photos of our chicks?! #hikingonpaws

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Finally we can see the land and the grass on the most sunny spot and we thing it suit us with come color😀🌈 #borzoi #spring #happydog

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