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Я не могла вчера удержаться и готовясь к занятию сняла быстро «на скорую руку» волшебное видео с Шариком 🌸 и на Белоснежных полотнах❄️
С первой попытки, поэтому не смотрите на мои дикие глаза, смотрите на красоту вокруг ✨

Вы все ещё не пришли в самую завораживающую локацию с воздушными полотнами?🙈
@evgeniia_filippova_ стабильно творит, там чудеса😽
p.s. Студия @aerialdreamteam
Шарик от @evgeniia_filippova_
Комбез от @my_sport__
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Technique tip tuesday - salto single star 🌟
the salto single star can be a challenging drop to control due to the change of direction mid-way through.
the theme is the same as last weeks fallen angel tech tip, it's all about controlling it by piking forward!
if you're guilty of floppy drops practice the straddle drill in the video until you can successfully pause at the bottom of the rotation.
1) the set up for salto single star includes the following: invert, same side knee hook, swim behind, wrap the bottom leg once or twice (twice makes the drop more comfortable when landing), wrap the tail around your low belly from front to back, place tail in the bottom armpit, climb above your knee & pass shoulders to the front.
2) once you're in your wrap, take the tail of your shoulder, hold it in your free hand and reach your arm forward. legs are tight & active in a wide straddle behind you.
now here comes the daunting part... the drop!
3) top hand releases the pole and immediately grabs the tail next to your opposing hand. simultaneously pike forward. the pike can be challenging to control due to the wrap around your thigh, it tends to pull you in the direction of the drop. this is where thinking 'tight is light' & resisting the direction of the drop comes into play.
if you watch jill in the slow-mo version you'll see she folds her torso forward (for lack of better terms, head to crotch) with the intention to stop in a straddle upside down, even though stopping is impossible!
4) following the pike, reach arms overhead and open into a star position. your legs need to be externally rotated & straight with energy reaching out your toes. in addition, your abdominals pulled in to keep your lower back lengthened.
5) end on your back & be sure to 'stick your landing' leg options can be straight and together as jill did, one knee bent toward the chest or even stag. •
✨ it may seem obvious but additional safety measures never hurt:
•you must hold the tail, the tail is your safety! •do not practice new drops without a coach present •a crash mat is mandatory • please do not practice from trees •
✨ we'd love to see your progress!
tag #iloveap

✨outfit from @avomuse

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“taking steps outside of your comfort zone is pivotal for your own evolution and growth. you can not become a bigger and better version of yourself unless you are willing to stretch beyond what you already know” - anonymous 🎶 by ruelle

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This definitely explains me. who else can relate?
thanks for the funny doll blooper @cirque.dolls !
if you would like your photo or video featured in our daily aerialbloopers use #aerialbloopers or tag our account @aerialbloopers. 🤹‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🎪
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Exploring ways to come out of this backwards drop to ankle hang and liked this exit to cape split with silks on just the heels.
got a bit caught up in undoing the loops, but that’s something that can be worked on for sure.
the set up for this drop is easy but careful on coming out of the ankle hang because you can easily get tied up there if you’re not careful.
tomorrow starts a new week so we’ll all be back at whatever it is that we do again.
happy practicing!
explorando salidas de esta caída hacia atrás a la panocha.
me lié un poco deshaciendo las vueltas pero eso se puede trabajar y me gustó la salida al espagat de capa con la tela en los talones nada más.
la entrada a esta caída es fácil pero cuidado al salir porque también es fácil de enredarte ahí arriba.
mañana ya empieza otra semana.
feliz entreno!
#talcomrajavideo .
piernas: @liquidoactive
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