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Devin booker, everybody. 🐐🔥
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Still the record holder. 🔥🐐
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The sixers core is set. 🔒

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Disagree.. remember 2017-2018 season tatum looked like a potential all-nba player. it is a matter of role he takes. i believe his role will be back in normal as a major scorer this season.
what y’all think?

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Quinn with number two! jared dudley gifted number two to quinn via on twitter, which is really nice of dudley! can’t wait for the season to start! #lakeshow

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@ronnie2k your game really is a joke 🤡 how does embiid go down 2 overalls, makes absolutely no sense.

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Philly against everyone 🤷🏻‍♂️

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