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5/3/19: mark-paul gosselaar @mpgosselaar
“as a kid growing up in texas, the only time i ever saw another asian person was on sundays at church. not at school, not in public. and of course, i never saw them on tv- i never expected to. instead, i fell deep in love with cartoons. and most of all, those end credits. that’s when you saw the names of all the asians who worked on the show. sounds silly, but simply reading the names kim, park, lee, etc. let me feel seen, included, represented.

fast forward a few years, there’s not a soul that doesn’t watch #savedbythebell. it’s basically the game of thrones of the 90s. somehow, i get wind that zack morris is asian. time out. tall, blonde, sharp nose, double-folded eyelids and this dude is asian?? turns out it’s true, mp is half dutch and half indonesian. i proudly carry this fact around with me for years, inserting it into every conversation appropriate and otherwise. it gave me so much pride to see the look in peoples eye’s when i told them the baddest mf on television was an asian guy, just like me.

fast forward a few decades, i’m on the set of #pitch with this giant brown-haired bear of a man. sorta quiet, doesn’t smile, he’s in it. no hint of preppie to be seen. i bend over to grab some sides and someone gives me a shove. i look up to see mp, slight grin behind the beard, pretending to look away. that’s when i see a glimmer of zack morris in his eyes, we’re brothers and together we’re proving that there can be two asian male leads on network television. at least for one season.”
- tim jo @hellotimjo

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It’s that time of year where i precariously prop my phone up on random ledges in the neighborhood to take photos of myself and my sewing makes for #memademay, y’all! 💁🏻‍♀️
it is also asian pacific american heritage month #apahm, a time to celebrate, learn from, and amplify our collective aanhpi history—past, present, future.
in honor of both of these, i’ll be documenting all the #memade items i wear this month, committing to finishing all of my unfinished projects (this will be such a challenge for me—i have, like, 10 on the sewing table🤦🏻‍♀️), and sharing reflections throughout the month on a question my friend and colleague, @isarahha, posed: who are our ancestors? what is the legacy in which we build on? when i dig into these questions, i ask myself: who made it possible for me to be here today?
the second photo here is of my parents. (it’s also a photo of my 30th nameday and that is an ice cream oreo cake, since you asked.) these two have taught me so much about patience, love, sacrifice, and duty. they don’t often share the stories of how they got from #laos to the us, other than a dream of “better opportunities and education for their kids.” they don’t talk about what their dreams were for themselves—what they wanted to do or grow up to be. the decisions they made to leave their home country in a time of distress to come to a strange land and start over—that decision (among so many others) has allowed me to live a life of self-actualization, rather than survival. it has allowed me to get to today. and that is a privilege i have, because of them.
today’s details—dress is the #seamworkneenah in navy ponte, size 12/14 and lengthened by a few inches. pattern by @seamworkmag. fun fact: this is @jromero1226’s fave make of mine! (😂 don’t mind my face, it was a long day.)
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Happy international dance day! throwback to jacquelyn doing her thang and me doing mine at last year's san francisco apa heritage month. see you at this year's in t-2 days! #itsgonnabemay

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I missed the first day of #apaheritagemonth! but don’t worry, i have so much coming at you the rest of this month/forever.⁣

yesterday evening, i met up with @sunnysaiup and our conversations restored my energy and my soul. she is so vibrant and determined. it is refreshing to meet people who share the same values and experiences as you and to feel like you’ve known them your entire life. ⁣

if you’ve been following me, you know that the start of this week (monday) was rough for me. it was heavy. it was traumatizing. as sai (ntxhais) reminded me, “when it rains, it pours.” and this couldn’t be more true going into this week. i leave you with one of the “milder” incidents.⁣

as it was the start of #apih month, i wrote an email to my coworkers to do their own research and include some asian pacific islander heritage history, folks, and/or accomplishments in their lessons. one of the responses i got back called out the only 3 asian passing staff members and if we could suggest historic events and a direction to go in to help them out because learning from us is such a rich experience. they then continued on to suggest an asian potluck. 😳⁣

it’s been said before and i’m reiterating it once again, “i am not here as your token asian. i am not here to teach you the history that your people created for my people. my culture and heritage is more than your admiration/approval of my garments and my people’s food. last but not least, we have google. use it.”⁣

#ootdinfluencedby brooke and jamie of @yokeandbore for their cute, quirky and fun poses. pictured here with me is my partner who takes most of my photos. my words and thoughts #influencedby emi of @little_kotos_closet and tiffany of @tiffanywongart. please go to their feed and stories to read and hear more about what we have all been saying for forever.⁣

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Today is the first day of asian american and pacific islander heritage month and there’s a few things that have been on my mind i’m having trouble putting into words.
despite living in san francisco (where i’m rarely the only asian person in the room) in the age of the internet, there are still times when i become extremely aware of my non-whiteness in the creative community — particularly in the world of self-employed designers. i am not sure what this means to me personally, or if it should mean anything at all, but it’s an awareness that continues to shape who i am.
as i’m writing this post, i also recognize how little initiative i’ve actually taken to educate myself on the work of asian american creatives over the years. i can count the asian american creatives whose work i am familiar with on two hands. it’s utterly embarrassing and i feel compelled to take time this month to seek out their work and their stories.
all this to say, thank you to the asian american authors, artists, humans who explore, create, share, and those who help amplify our voices, experiences, and points of views. you give people courage to create. you give people courage to own all they are. you give people courage to be.
📸 by @hahnbo speaking of asian american creators making rad work - check out emanuel’s work ❤️)

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May 1st is an extremely busy day! not only is it #mayday, also known as international workers' day, but today is the beginning of asian american and pacific islander heritage month! let's take a moment celebrate our rich cultures, traditions, hxstories, and all the amazing work we do to break barriers in this country.
shoutout to @calendow, @sonsandbros, & @apiequalityla for making this video featuring these powerful #aapi activists possible. #riseupasone #vota #투표 #apaheritagemonth #aapiheritagemonth

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