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I like to lift heavy things and set them back down in high places.

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Просто надо быть мудрыми и сильными,
и верить в добро 🙌🏽

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Cardio session number ✌🏻 finished. gotta say, this prep is wearing on me hard but this aminoup by @ignite.nutrition is honestly helping me immensely to get through this. the combo of bcaas, eaas, and electrolytes is perfect intraworkout as well as between meals to help curb some cravings.
i don’t preach about stuff i don’t believe in on here so when i tell you that this is good stuff you can best believe it’s legit af. if you wanna grab some hit up that lemonade cause it’s a game-changer (fruit punch is 💣 too) and use code “mooney” to save some cash 🤙🏻
stay savage my friends 👊🏻

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Michael norman clocking a 43.45 already this season!😳
rai benjamin not too far behind with a 44.31!🔥
tag a friend!⤵️

🎥(via @runnerspace )
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The most photogenic doberman i know 😂 @spawn262

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