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🍽 silly vs. smart 🍽 ... *swipe and see below for 6 smart food ideas to help you reach your health goals💪✨💖✨

🤗 little changes make the biggest difference!

1️⃣ 🍎fruit
fruit alone can cause our blood sugar to rise quickly which can be followed by a crash, leaving you feeling hungry after and craving more carbohydrates.
👉🏻 by replacing some carbs with protein or f*t -like cheese- it can cause less of a spike in blood sugar and your food can take longer to digest, helping you feel fueled and satisfied for longer.

2️⃣ 🍳breakfast
overnight oats 🙌🏼🤩 add protein (powder), healthy f*t (nut butter) and fiber (seeds) to make a more balanced meal which will keep you fuller for longer.

3️⃣ 🙊snacking
fruit for a snack is a great start to eating healthier!
...but☝🏼the point of a snack is to keep you full between meals and fruit alone may not hold you for very long! pair your fruit with a protein or f*t -like nuts- to slow down digestion and stay full for longer.

4️⃣ 😌dieting
juice cleanses, diet pills and skipping meals are quick fixes which can harm our bodies and mental health😌
by eating nutritious foods and regular meals, our bodies do a great job of detoxifying on their own without the need for £££ and unnecessary fixes #scammers 🙂

5️⃣ 👩🏻‍🍳smart recipe
a smart #snack loaded with protein, fiber and healthy fats, the perfect trio to keep you full for hours 🤩
directions: mix 1-2 tsp peanut butter with 6oz. plain greek yogurt. slice apple n’ dip dip dip💁🏻‍♀️❤️

#healthychoices i have put these smart tips together with thanks to @lowcarb.nutrition wishing you all a lovely weekend!❤️
francesca xox
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Sen hala yapamadım!
yapamayacağım mı diyorsun?
2 sene arayla...
sadece paketli gıda tüketmeden, düzenli egzersizle...
obezite sınırlarında bir çocuğum vardı...
evet zordu, hele 1.sınıf!
okula beslenme diye gelen abur cuburlara karşı yoğurt meyve ve kuruyemiş götürdük biz...
evet zordu...
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Sharing some never before seen edits from europe😱. traveling is tough bc let’s face it- sometimes yo gurl🥟 cannot wake up super early and get the best view at a restaurant without a pole.. but yknow what, the experiences are still nothing short of amazing 🙌🏻 let me know which one is your fave: 1-2-3?? #molllifiedit

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Which one do you like best?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ new hallway vs oldhallway 🙌 spacious and open or small and cozy .. wish you a wonderful friday! 🤗🌸🍃
vilken gillar du bäst?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ nya hallen eller den gamla? 🙌 stort och öppet eller litet och mysigt? önskar er en underbar fredag 🤗🌸🍃

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Who doesn’t love some before & after shots 📸!! check out our friends rick and carly @fresh_coast_flips for more renovation inspiration! 💕

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B l o w i n g s m o k e
early in my career when i was just an ordinary hardworking kid chasing a big dream, some clients and colleagues would tell me that i was a pretty creative guy. since i had no training in design or anything creative, i always thought they were just blowing smoke up my 🐴 because they were just saying that to be nice so i can finish their job faster. .
in this before and after we have a pool with a slight curvature that follows along the property line. raised above the ground 6” to allow the water to spill over all the way around. it creates a nice visual from both inside and outside the house. i think the end result turned out quite nice. after maybe i should pursue a career in design 🤨. what do you think?

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