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And it was in this moment, that i felt like i was in heaven. ⁣
the picturesque background that you’ve most likely seen all over instagram is guatapé, a small city 2 hours east of medellín. you can get there by taking a bus from the north terminal in medellín. when you’re there, go to ticket window 14. one way tickets are $4.50 usd. enjoy the gorgeous ride through the countryside. ⁣
guatapé is known for the peñol rock, which is a massive stone that offers stunning panoramic views of the lakes and rivers at the top. to reach the top, you must walk up 750 steps — sounds bad, but i promise it’s not that difficult! you can always take breaks along the way ☺️⁣
at the top, there are restaurants, bars, and shops. people watch the sunset while drinking beer, and are just appreciating the moment. after coming back down, head to the nearby town to appreciate colorful colonial architecture. ⁣
i think guatapé is a must-see when visiting medellín. who here has been? do you agree?⁣

📍colombia not columbia⁣

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have you been to central america yet? if no, it should be on your bucket list cos you’d love it!
when i told my family, friends and my doctor that i was headed to nicaragua they started pulling all sorts of civil war receipts and travel advisories lol now whiles i know they had my best interest at heart it reminded me of how people feel about africa so my response was : so many people think the whole continent of africa is unsafe and at war but that’s a lie innit. i’m going to nicaragua i said... i’m black i’d fit in perfectly 🤷🏾‍♀️
nicaragua was a breadth of fresh air. it reminded me of home. guess what i’m going back again ? yo no sé mañana but i’m about to make nicaragua my second home! .

s/o to @physiorichww for recommending nica! ps: in 2018, he traveled from mexico to costa rica on bike! took him 3 months! if you really really want insider info he’s the man...from immigration to everything !!!

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Redefining black men and travel one frame at a time.
(costa rica)

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Don’t listen to what they say, go see it! travel with us to heal your soul! photo by @kturakay
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It's monday fam. i don't know about you but i'd rather be somewhere warm, by a pool with a bird on my head 😂🙈. @themomtrotter

this was my daughters first caribbean trip to punta cana. she had a blast 🥰 !!!

have you ever been to or taken your kids to punta cana? what resort did you stay at, and how did you like it? .
it just seems like over a week ago when the dominican republic was on the news almost every day because someone lost their live after having drinks or so at the bar or in room minibar. do note that some of those cases happened over the years. and they somehow resurfaced one after the other creating mass hysteria. now we aren't hearing about it anymore. did you have to cancel your trip after hearing all the negative news about dr being unsafe?

ps: don't forget to join our facebook community of traveling families. link in bio ❤!!! #blackkidsdotravel #puntacana #travelwithkids

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