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💯dedication is everything💯
the right thing to do is to not be obsessed with bodybuilding. be dedicated but remaining critical, discriminating, and keeping everything balanced in life so that you don’t neglect the more serious aspect. i treat it as a hobby because i can enjoy the natural aspect of having fun lifting and feeling great outside of the gym by spending time with family and most importantly having a relationship with god. -
what’s your dedication?? -
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When i send in photos to coach hoping for a refeed ➡️ then being told stick to the plan 🥺

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Nutzt du bei deinem training einem fitness-tracker? ⌚️
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**sorry not sorry**
yes i know i haven’t been actively posting as much as i usually do and tbh, i’m not sorry at all 🤷🏽‍♀️
social media is great and everything but you don’t realize how much life has to offer you when you’re trapped behind your phone all day... i’ve been trying to cut down a lot of my social media time and spend more time living every bit of my life!
ive spent soooo much quality time with quality people, been getting better at adulting, finishing books i’ve been starting, doing things that i’ve never done before and meeting new people that i’m sure will impact my life in a very positive way ☺️ train your heart and your mind the way you would train your body ❤️☺️
(no flexing, no gym, no lifting, no excessive b***y pose. just a quick 2 second library washroom pic) .
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Stay hydrated out there y’all 💧💦
114 degrees ain’t no joke 🥵🥵

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Fresh cut 💇🏻‍♀️

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Don’t be the person you were yesterday, strive to improve each and everyday 😀

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