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Whenever anything disagreeable or displeasing happens to you, remember christ crucified and be silent.- st. john of the cross ✝️ #goodfriday #traditionalcatholic #traditionalcatholicism #traditionalcatholicfemininity #modesty #catholicism #romancatholic

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with all this great sorrow of the burning of notre dame, do not forget that there is hope. mary still stands at the foot of the cross, with christ in her arms. they have not left us. there is still hope in the cross of christ. —-
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La couronne d'épines à notre -dame de paris sont conservée à notre-dame de paris
entre les viie et xe siècles, ces reliques seront progressivement transférées à constantinople dans la chapelle des empereurs byzantins pour les mettre à l’abri de pillages semblables à ceux subis par le saint-sépulcre lors des invasions perses. en 1238, baudouin ii de courtenay, l’empereur latin de byzance en grande difficulté financière, propose au roi de france louis ix, futur saint louis, de lui engager la couronne d’épines, offre que ce dernier accepte. mais les régents de l’empire ont déjà mis les reliques en gage auprès de banquiers vénitiens que saint louis dédommagera. le 10 août 1239, il accueille vingt-deux reliques àvilleneuve-l’archevêque. le 19 août 1239, la procession arrive à paris, le roi délaisse ses atours royaux, endosse une simple tunique et, pieds nus, aidé de son frère, porte la sainte couronne jusqu’à notre-dame de paris. il fait alors édifier un reliquaire à la mesure de ces reliques : la sainte-chapelle. durant la révolution française, , la sainte couronne, considérée comme objet patrimonial, est déposée au cabinet des médailles de la bibliothèque nationale., dépourvues de leurs reliquaires, à la bibliothèque nationale. le concordat de 1801 impliqua que la relique fût remise à l'archevêque de paris, qui l'affecta en 1806 au trésor de la cathédrale notre-dame où elle se trouve toujours enfermée dans un coffre- fort. les saintes reliques sont confiées aux chanoines du chapitre de la cathédrale notre-dame de paris, puis placées sous la garde statutaire des chevaliers du saint sépulcre de jérusalem. ce sont donc les chanoines qui les présentent et les chevaliers qui ont la charge de les protéger lors de leur ostension , la relique, renfermée dans un anneau de cristal relié par du bronze doré, se compose de petits joncs réunis en faisceaux. le diamètre intérieur de l’anneau est de 21 centimètres et la section a 15 millimètres de diamètre ; les joncs sont reliés par quinze ou seize . lors de l'incendie de notre-dame de paris du 15 avril 2019, les pompiers ont réussi à sauver la sainte couronne d’épines est un trésor inestimable de la chrétienté.

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If you ever feel distressed during your day, call upon our lady. just say this simple prayer, “mary, mother of jesus, please be a mother to me now.” i must admit, this prayer has never failed me. – mother teresa. ❤️⁣

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"the serene beauty gets my daily admiration. the subtle life-like tones only adds to a hush about that last moment of the life of our lord."-customer review⁣

this version of michaelangelo's pieta is a beautiful reminder of our lord's sacrifice and mary's love for her son.⁣

bring this into your home. click the link in our bio or search 2007811 on our website.⁣
⁣ ⁣

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Today is sort of a big day for me personally this year. today, ‪holy saturday‬, marks 3 years since i came into the catholic church.  today, april 20th, also happens to be my confirmation saint - saint rose of lima’s, birthday. today, also happens to be own day of birth. so i don't know what you call this day exactly, but it seems like a trifecta of spiritual awesomeness.

when joining the church, i was overwhelmed with how many different saints there were. my head started spinning when i found out that i needed to chose one to be my confirmation saint.  i had been given so many books to look through with hundreds and hundreds of saints (i had to read through so many because outside of the apostles, i basically knew none). i was determined to pick the 'perfect' one that would have all of this profound personal meaning to me. well, the time to decide had come and i was stumped. my brain was fried. i ‘threw in the towel’ and frantically just ‘picked one’ at random (i literally grabbed a book and quickly scanned the long list of names). after a couple minutes of scanning, i ended up choosing saint rose. why? because i thought her name was pretty and it was easy to pronounce. not exactly profound 🤷🏻‍♀️.
i never felt any personal connection to her or ever had this profound moment.  i was actually upset with myself after the fact. i thought i ‘screwed up’ my confirmation saint choice and just thought ‘welp, so much for that’. after that day, i moved on from it and didn't think much about her. that was until last year around this time, when i randomly stumbled upon the fact that we share a birthday.

now, my birthday forever has an extra special meaning to me. it is a beautiful reminder that my being brought into this world is ultimately temporary. it reminds me that my purpose for being here is so much bigger than myself. that i have friends in really high places (get it? 😉) and that even when i may not see or understand the purpose- there is one much greater than i that does.

holy saturday. april 20th. 27 years of life. 3 years at home in his church. one beautiful reminder of my life being dedicated to his plan and not my own. 🕊

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To the living, i am not gone,
to the sorrowful, i will return,
to the angry, i was betrayed,
but to the happy, i am peace,
and to the faithful, i have never left.
i cannot speak, but i can listen.
i cannot be seen, but i can be heard.
so as you stand upon a shore gazing at a beautiful sea,
remember me.
remember me in your heart:
your thoughts, and your deeds,
of the times we love,
the times we cried,
the times we laughed,
the time i died
for always think of me, as i am never gone.🙏🏻✝️ amen #catholicwomen #cathoilcmotherhood #traditionalcatholic #traditionalcatholicism #traditionalcatholicfemininity #modesty #catholicism #romancatholic

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