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How to decorate with slip ❤
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bottle with finger ridged slip -
🎵"the longer i run"🎵 by @peterbradleyadams. i love this tune, so pretty and relaxing.
here's what i'm doing-
first i threw a plump bellied bottle.
then later that evening after it firmed up a bit, i put it back on the wheel and added a pretty thick amount of slip to the body.
now with the wheel spinning slowly i gently touch the base of the pot, and as the wheel spins away from me, i run my fingers up the profile of the bottle.
i then clean off my fingers while waiting for the bottle to come around again, and start my next swipe where my last one left off.
often i'll use a tool called a rib for this kind of work, but fingers are great tools as well, and create a very organic, loose design.
throwing with slip decoration is so much fun, i love the feeling of the slip as my fingers glide through it.
if you're into throwing pots, try this out, i think you'll enjoy it!

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👆🏻we are restocking small batch of mugs, vases and planters at 12pm (pst) check them out soon! ✨

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Talk about skills! incredibly work from @atolyeminya to start this week off 😳#handmadecurator

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Первый понедельник дома! На улице уже совсем тепло и распускаются цветы🌸

Поэтому сегодня я весь день лепила цветочные горшки. В таком вытянутом, мне кажется, будет хорошо расти какой-нибудь мясистый седум🌿

first monday at home! it is already quite warm outside and flowers are blooming🌸 so, today i sculpted all day long flower pots. in such an elongated pot, it seems to me that some fleshy sedum will grow well🌿#kitchenojo

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I love the sound the clay makes when it hits the banding wheel ✨clink✨ this is hard leatherhard clay - almost bone dry - which makes for a very crisp cut with my @diamondcoretools pro tip: if you’re struggling to get the mark you want, it could be that your clay and tool aren’t compatible. sharp tools like hard clay, dull tools like soft clay. if you’ve ever taken a sharp tool to soft clay, you know what i mean! it’ll tear right through it or you can lose control of the direction. practice with different tools on the same slab of clay over time to see which tools work best at different drying stages. #tipoftheday #protip _____________________________________________
🔪p10 tool w 1/2” u-tip by #diamondcoretools
🎥 special thanks to @thewesterngroup_brian for the awesome camera work👍 #ceramics #pottery #handmade #madeinoregon #madeinportland #greenware #wheelthrown #bowl #carved #handcarved #clay #porcelain #fluid #pattern #texture #howitsmade #howtovideo #workinprogress #satisfying #satisfyingvideos @sharon_g_pottery

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Happy monday friends! matt and i spent our weekend at home, re-centering ourselves for this week. sometimes the imbalance just hits you out of nowhere, and sometimes you realize you’ve been bottling it up for far too long. either way, i always learn the most about myself, my limits and desires when i acknowledge it and talk it through.
today i’m feeling rejuvenated, realigned and ready to take on the week. coffee also helps. ☕️
📸 @firepineforge

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