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🌸she’s since been sold but i am going to stitch her up again. this time it will say 1950s white man to be more clear haha. what colors should i choose next? and what type of flowers? 🌺 *
also keep your eyes 👀 pealed ... i’m going to have 2 summer giveaways! one here and one on my new facebook page! two chances to win?! yes girl! *

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Comment “💔” if you want authorities to stop asking this s****d question 👇🏼💜 feel free to repost and don’t forget to tag me so i don’t miss it!💫
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You are worthy to call yourself a queen 👑 and you are worthy enough to make a difference.🌟
set goals and execute your fear👸🏽

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Big mood. what’s something else you would add to this list?

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Amen 🙌🏽 ducking all the retrograde energy (via @weareabmg )

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Success is a series of small wins. wake up this morning and every morning with intent and self-love❤️
thank you @sarahcurrinckx for sharing your truth and inspiring other influentials 👑

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Say yes and don’t stop!!
thank you @caitlinbea for pushing others to believe in their future self as we should 👑🥂

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Yesterday i taught my first #jennaraineyworkshop in over 6 months🙀! nearly 7 years ago, just a few months after i started dabbling with calligraphy and watercolor, a shop asked if i could teach workshops. i was a beginner myself but thought, “what’s the worst that could happen?!” i’d taught piano lessons when i was in high school and was always really good at figuring stuff out. well, after teaching once (the class was sold out btw!), i was hooked. for the first two years of my business, i taught two classes every weekend. i went hard. it was exhausting, but i learned so much. i’ve taught my workshops in france, canada, singapore, australia and all over the us, allowing me to see the world and meet you guys. so, while having a baby this year has slowed me down a bit, it was good to get back and teach floral watercolor to 22 of you at @m.lovewell. as i think back on all these years of teaching, it’s crazy to think how my business has grown over the me, i have some horror stories that i’ll have to share some time...stuff like supplies being held up at customs, being tricked/lied into teaching at what i was lead to believe was a beautiful venue but ended up being someone’s nasty living room. lol. i’ve learned a ton about how to put these things on, how to write powerful/impactful curriculum and how to teach. in both my in-person and online courses, i don’t hold back! my goal is to change lives and provide people with information that leads to freedom. whether that’s discovering their ability to paint, or making more money in their creative business...i’m here for it! i guess i’m saying all of this because early-bird registration for #brandplusbrand opens tomorrow. this is the biggest course i’ve worked on thus far and something i truly believe can change lives. it’s crazy to think that the girl who was ordering supplies at retail and had no idea what she said yes to for her first class, is now teaching thousands of students, worldwide and has seen sooo many of her past students become successful artists and business owners. it’s wild. it’s a dream and your support makes it all happen! there’s no real point to this post...just feeling grateful.

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