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Mentally somewhere else: 🌊
¿donde les gustaría estar en este momento? yo en alguna playa de san blas recibiendo sol 😛
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dawno nas tu nie było, więc wlatujemy w przepiękny zachód słońca n*d poznaniem 🔥🌆😍jak wam się podoba?😉
it’s been a while since we were here so fly right into this blazing sunset over the city of poznan 🔥🌆😍how do you like it?😉
📸 by @alex.snaps.colours
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Great southern land ↡

in love with the vast differences of the australian coastline. from the red coast of south australia, to the white sands of the east coast. being able to see places from above, from a whole new perspective, that we have viewed from the ground for years. how lucky are we to be able to see and capture places from above now? who would have thought 20 years ago that we’d be able to fly cameras into the sky to capture these kind of views? i know when i started my photography journey over 20 years ago that i never imagined being able to capture images like this unless you were in a helicopter or a plane. it’s changed the way i view and capture the world. it stretches my imagination and makes me love the world and photography even more.
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Winter ❄️

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I find it so amazing to fly a drone and be able to capture all these incredible places from above! makes me wish i was a bird at times to see the world like this on a daily basis... do you like drone photography?

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