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#throwback to learning high 🐾... but i’m a overachiever so i gave both 😏

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So cute 😍 sound on πŸ”Š
from: @frenchbullybabes 😍
❀double tap ❀ and follow us #mimi_instadogs

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πŸ“· from @jacksonjunior.pug
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No, i haven’t seen your shoe. why do you ask? 😬

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I’ve seen a look in dogs’ eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and i am convinced that basically dogs think hoomans are nuts." ( my mom definitely is ... 🀭🀫)

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Reposting @shelbysized:β €
...β €
"7 weeks old and cuter than ever!β €
β €
this is shelby and welcome to our page πŸ€—

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Check out jack’s photo on my main account @viktoriahaack tonight & you might want to enter the draw for one of my favourite @loweprobags !
here is jack valiantly modelling this floral creation by @crocusfloraldesign. he was such a good boy....nothing we can’t achieve with truck loads of treats!!!! πŸ˜… πŸ–
#jack_thewolfskin πŸ“· @viktoriahaack

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