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Another crazy saturday morning with these two beach babes. a 4am starbucks stop, a very salty and wet sunrise shoot and breakfast burritos all by 8am.✌🏻🏄🏼‍♀️ @priskillaa @funlifecrisis
attn surfers: please tag a female surfer. it’s a plus if they live in southern california. i’m in the works of putting something together with a friend. if you surf or know someone that does, they may want to be apart of this special event. i would love to connect with them.

the 12th droning with whales & dolphins workshop is coming up on july 28th. dm me if this workshop interests you. you don’t need to own a drone to attend it!

tasty tune: vocal chords (dj version) by claude vonstroke
filter used: @tiffencompany nd 4/pl
my lightroom preset: aviator (check out the link in my bio) ✌🏻

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Know your why and make it meaningful
in order to change your circumstances, the most important thing to understand if your why. i had tried for years to quit drinking and start pursuing my passions and nothing seemed to work until i understood that what i truly wanted was self love. my why became the most important thing to me, because it was my happiness now and in the future. since then cravings don’t exist and life seems to open up in new and beautiful ways. if you don’t understand the reasons you want change there will always be that sliver of doubt and the possibility to slip back into old patterns. stay true to yourself and make this life the best you can because you deserve all the happiness in the world.
this shot was taken after leaving goosenecks state park. i saw these painted mountains in the distance and wanted to get a different vantage point. with a storm rolling in a got the drone up and back before it hit and was able to capture the raw landscape with the varying tones. i’m still working on my drone edits but i’d love to hear what you think! ❤️
what do you love most about yourself?

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Čau visiem ! ir pagājis labs laiciņš kopš esmu šeit kautko ievietojis .tad nu lūk bildes ar šī mēneša spilgtāko brīdi no kāzām kuras man bija jaiemužina . tatad dēvamies virs cēsim ar mazo lidmašīnīti , un tie kas zin mani tuvāk , ir lietas kursā cik ļoti baidos no augstuma . tatad visa šī lidojuma laikā es svīdu no bailēm , it īpaši brīžos ,kad lidmašīna vējā sasvērās .bet nu es to izdarīju un esmu priecīgs par to 👌🏻 so guys its been a while since my last upload here , so im sharing my highlight from one wedding when we where going up in litle airplane and shooting new couple . for those who know me better knows how scared i am from hights , my body was sweating the whole time , but i face my fear , and im a bit proud of my self 👌

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Through the jungle into the forbidden forest. 🚆🌲 | #droneforever -
🚁: @blowithand
follow us @drone.forever for more drone content!!

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reat 1-10👇👇

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