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We are always taking new family photos for the blog, that sometimes it has me overlook my favorite past photos. i don’t want to just show you guys now, but always give you a look into the journey of our family! so here’s a flashback of one of my favorite easter pictures. i can’t believe our family has since grown 3 additionally family members! at this time we were in our apartment, rebuilding and preparing for the next season. and remaining grateful for that humbling season! now here we are in 2019 as a family of 7! (yes i count my dogs!)🙌🏾 #sundaybest #blacklove #blackfamily #trusttheprocess #liketkit #fbf

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#fbf to the peak of wildflower season in phoenix. i’ve taken the past 2 weeks pretty easy, coming off of leona divide. for me, time to mentally refocus after a big race is as important as as physical recovery. now i’m revising some goals and starting to get excited about training hard for the next 6-7 months. 🔥

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No #fbf de hoje as primas luísa e alice vieram desejar um otima sexta feira direto de 2018... o tempo voa neh...

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#fbf biker from hell ♠️
happy friday!
#thebasisters #techno #electrometal #industrial #dtla

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🌵little desert b**e

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Thanks for all the jtv love these last two weeks! i had so much fun on this crazy good show, and can finally add “parrot” to the list of roles i’ve played. #dreamscometrue 🦜 🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜
also, everyone on this cast & crew are truly so incredible, and @yaelgrobglas and @hereisgina are both powerful and kind badasses that i was lucky to work with.

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#fbf 👆🏿 the type of guy your momma hope you bring home 👨🏿‍💼😂#regularguy #businessman #boss #ceo #imdifferent #cleanup #handsome #happyfriday

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