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„beach view“ - railay beach, thailand 🏝
the perfect beach for someone who feels much more at home in the mountains πŸ˜„ what about you guys? beach or mountain lover? β›°/🌊
note: this shot was entirely edited with one of my new summer presets. go check them out if you haven't done so yet (link‘s in my bio) and don't forget to use the hashtag #mdpfeature for a chance to be featured. ✌🏻
btw my new calendar 2019 is out now πŸ“†

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Waves are small, but there’s still fun to be had.

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'i didn't think; i experimented.' - anthony burgess.

last week i had a vision of heading to the creux du van near noiraigue in the val de travers. the swiss grand canyon is in the canton of neuchatel in switzerland.

i thought it might be nice to get some winter shots at sunrise, but my drive to le soliat - a restaurant with a public parking - was stopped by a massive wall of snow. the road was not made. i gave it a quick thought and launched my drone at the closest point to it and navigated it to the creux du van while being greeted by the first beams of light.

looking at this beautiful place makes me always feel happy. the view one got there is incredible, the hike up is intense but doable and resting near the cliffs always fills me up with energy. so just flying there wasn’t as satisfying as hiking there, but looking at the shots i took, i already know: i will be back in summer!

what location has an energy refueling effect on you?

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Amazing shot of the dubai desert by @iherok !
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Mon coeur est à toi ✨ the city of love and beautiful sunsets πŸ’« too bad nobody was around to see it 😬

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Hot-cold feels. πŸŒ† //
the amount of work stacking up be like πŸ“š

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Doyers ⚾

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