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Sky above,
sand below,
peace within....
#goa is my all time favourite destination.
what about you, which is your all time favourite destination??????
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Throwback to last summer 🌞

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Surely this heatwave means that work's cancelled and we can all go to the beach...right?! 💭🌊👌🏻

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Long time no sea 🌊🌴 #vacayvibes #ttmingoa

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Major throwback !
outfit deets : cover up from @shein_in
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Smitten by shivya nath's @shivya last post about goa (read on below) 😍
author of the shooting star travel blog, shivya is an inspiration as she explores the world of responsible travel from a solo female perspective...🌴📓🌴
"anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.” anonymous ☔️
"in 2013, when i had just set out on this nomadic journey, i had no idea what it meant to fall in love with the rains. goa happened like pure serendipity that year. i learnt what it was like to travel slow, ride a bike getting drenched in the warm rain, see the forests (or what remains of them around goa) come alive, spot peacocks dancing with joy, meet farmers in colourful raincoats hard at work in the lush green carpet that is their rice paddies, kayak among the mangroves, take a ferry to the river islands, wait for the bread man to deliver freshly baked poi on his bicycle, watch birds by the backwaters 🌱
since then, for 6 years in a row, goa has called me back to renew that love for the rains - and for life itself. things have changed every year - more construction, more cars, more abandoned paddies. yet in the villages deep in the interiors of goa, the rains still bring the same joy. peacocks still dance in the rain, kingfishers hang out by the backwaters, farmers work hard in their lush green carpets, the cycling bread man goes door to door delivering poi 👣
i had no intention of coming back to goa this year, but what can i say? i had a few weeks to kill, a ton of work to get through, a need to slow down somewhere beautiful. so here i am, falling in love with the rains all over again 💚
and you, do you love the monsoon in india too? where have you most enjoyed the rains? "

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Happiness comes in waves. run free into the wild.
morjim beach is definitely one of the best beaches of goa. its a poet's paradise with sky changing colors and sun setting in.
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