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🌸 wir wünschen euch alle frohe ostern und hoffe ihr habt ein schönes wochenende
w e r b u n g | selbst gekauft |
io is a #minipinscher living in #vienna . he goes by #houndexplorer for his adventures but really he's just a #littlehound with giant #batears

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Nothing is better than watching this girl take in 360° mountain views, with the wind blowing through her fur and the biggest smile on her face. #whpplanetearth

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It’s friday! you know what that means? it’s adventure time! ✨
got any plans for the long weekend? or for easter? i need to go to target to get eggs & bunny ears for an easter photo shoot 😂🐰

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I've decided to start making some small adjustments to our instagram!

first, i want to start doing more series images for our feed. we've done it a few times before but i'm hoping to make it a more regular occurrence! (this is the first of a three part series.)

second, there are so many inspirational accounts and photos that i've seen on here that i've decided to start doing my own takes on these gorgeous shots! they do say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so i'll do my best to tag the accounts that inspired me for certain pics!

this one was inspired by @eastonofthewild, @lucathesheltie, and @hansehund!

blanket: santa fe throw - @nativeinstinctco

#doodleandthebean #hikingdogsofinstagram #dogsthathike #boopmynose #foxpresets

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I spy the prettiest tulip.. hint: it’s fluffy

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