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Spotted 🐆 at grand central, bag in hand: sabrina- enjoying her first time in nyc 💕 | expect all the gossip girl/friends/sex and the city quotes in the coming days cause i’m in nyc! i was suppose to be posting as soon as i got here but i was a little overwhelmed by everything i wanted to see and do but i’ve got lots to share!

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Happy kid in the dumbo street 🙌🏻

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Rejoicing for those spring blooms 💐⠀
the barren winter scenes are leaving us and everything is looking so much prettier! one of the reasons i love spring 🌸

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Ayer publicamos el post con la ruta de murales de kobra. este se llama "tolerance" y tiene como protagonistas dos figuras legendarias: gandhi y madre teresa de calculta (la última vez tuve un lapsus y dije madre teresa campos. veo demasiado telecinco, que dios me perdone).
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Today is day 🖐🏼☝🏼of the #aloaligned challenge and the mantra is #strength 💪🏼 ⁣

i took a lunge variation with a change of perspective, because sometimes when we invite strong will into our lives, all we need is a little change of perspective as well. ⁣

strength comes in many forms. it’s easier to conceptualize in physical form, whether it’s a crescent lunge, or a warrior stance! strength, however, is not limited by physical bounds. ⁣

while our bodies may only hold a certain capacity for strength, our minds have no bounds. the only force that holds back our own powers of strength is ourselves, even when we feel the universe might be working against us at times. ⁣

our minds will tell us we are not capable, when the world tells us we aren’t. the external forces that surround us don’t actually make that decision though, we do! it is when we shift perspective, that we take back our power to endure all that life throws us. ⁣

a strong mind is one that embraces all of our environmental limitations, and then continues to find ways to proceed. we can’t always change our external circumstance, but a strong mind knows the difference between the input we receive and the input we create. ⁣

excited to see everyone’s posts today!⁣

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photo by: @sfreneenyc ⁣⁣⁣⁣
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Best beers in the world
c'est quoi ton prochain voyage bière?
where is your next beer trip?
illuminate me!
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Fashion is architecture, it is the matter of proportions – coco chanel. .
you guys know i don’t post quotes usually, but this one couldn’t be more accurate. love the pictures that combine my two passions in life, fashion and architecture. here is me trying to look as skinny as the flat iron building. did you know it is only 6 feet wide at one end? 😬
كوكو شنل يه جا گفته داستان مد و لباس دقيقاً مثه معماريه. مهمترين اصل تناسبه ! خيلي اين حرفشو قبول دارم! عاشق عكساييم كه اين دو تا علاقه ي من تو زندگي و با هم تركيب ميكنه. اين ساختمون بسيار سمبوليك رو چون شكلش شبيه اطوهاي قديميه بهش ميگن ساختمون اطو! جالبه كه بدونين قسمته باريكش فقط ١.٥ متر پهنا داره😬
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ᵃᵈ opportunities don't often come along. so, when they do, you have to grab them
- audrey hepburn
are you considering grabbing one of those opportunities? get €25 off @bookingcom with our special link in our bio and stories!
the opportunity to travel is always a chance you gotta grab. so was our upcoming trip to nyc for example (omg, we gotta pack, we’re leaving tomorrow!). it was just last summer we were there and we didn’t really expect to be back this soon, but that’s how opportunities work: they come along and yes, please, we’ll take it 😍
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