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Sometimes #karma is the person they end up with.

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Welp- frame by frame on ibis paint is uh,,, not fun,, but the product is nice and the brush i use and stuff let me keep my style consistent lolol;; (flipaclip im lookin at you with ur s****y brushes-)

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The thing about opening yourself up to healing and growth is that once some issues melt away and no longer have a hold over your thoughts and actions, new deeply rooted issues will have the space they need to come up for observation and release. there is much more accumulated in the subconscious than the surface level of the mind can initially comprehend. this is why letting go is a long term process. it is possible to get yourself to a much happier place while still working on processing and undoing old patterns that offer you a pathway into behaviors that you are now committed to no longer repeating.

tough emotions and agitated thoughts cannot takeover your life when you meet them with ease, acceptance and calmness. if you meet the rough parts of you with gentleness they will melt away, leaving you lighter and giving you more space to act from a place of wisdom. when you open yourself up to letting go and growth, the heavy patterns that limit the clarity of your mind finally have the door they need to exit your being. all you need to do is be okay with not being okay during tense moments of release.

the challenge is to move from reacting to simply observing what is happening within us, being aware and present without holding on. it takes time, consistent practice and a good technique, like an effective form of meditation, to help us become better observers of the most defining quality of life and nature: the flowing movement of change.

sending love to all beings. may we all continue reclaiming our power. may we all remember the classic metaphor about detachment: that the mind is the sky and our moods are the changing weather. may we all be happy and free.

my first book, inward, is available at bookstores and is on sale via the link in my profile. 🙏🏽🌎 #yungpueblo

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