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Skin feeling nice & smooth ☺️ thank you @laseraway #laseraway

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Today i’m pretending to be on my own private island in the middle of nowhere 😊🌺
mahalo @laseraway for my laser hair removal treatments #laseraway
swim: @myraswim

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Picked up a new bottle of #myhero night serum from @laseraway🔥 i’m already noticing a difference in my skin from using new skin care products and especially their spf☀️ and of course i had to get laser hair removal while i was here too💁‍♀️ #laseraway #la #laserhairremoval

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Had the best time shopping and lunching with my mom and sisters yesterday! also made a quick stop by @laseraway for my laser appointment! 😊 this was my 4th appointment and i am obsessed with my results and feeling so much more confident!! i’ll update you guys on my laser in my stories today! 😊 #laseraway

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I think the coolsculpting may be working on my tummy... 2 more months before the final results! #coolsculpting #laseraway #fit

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Just zapping the 3 hairs that still grow. laser never gets rid of all your hair because your body constantly makes me hair follicles. but with continued maintenance you see a huge reduction and the hair that grows is very fine. @laseraway

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All smiles bc #laseraway has been keeping me hair free, even during the winter & just in time for my upcoming birthday! thank you @laseraway 🤗
also!! do you guys see anything different ? 😏 (i just seem to find a new reason for my mom to k**l me each year 😅) #lippiercing

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We're going to miss your pretty little face @shelbieleighh_ good luck in nyc 💕 #teamla #laseraway

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Saving the fuzz for my fabric shaver on these loose hems. 😳 please enlighten me and laugh at my dad joke. 🙏🏼 7 laser hair removal appointments down (i can’t believe it!) & hopefully just one to go. and, there’s still time for swimsuit season if you’re on the fence! #sponsored #laseraway

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