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Felt snazzy in green

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Extend the knees 🐉👑🐺

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I hope everyone is enjoying their easter weekend 🐣🥰. i worked all day and i’m sooo tired now😴but i still am going to the gym to train leggsssss🍑 .

enjoy your weekend people and i wish you a looooot of chocolate🍫🍫🍫. i won’t be eating chocolate today bc i had too much of it these past 2 days ahahah. 😅 me saying no to chocolate ??? is that even me ???😵 . . .

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These past two days have sucked. i’m not going to lie to you guys. lots of memories and moments of my past came rushing back. i have had zero motivation to go to the gym let alone get up and go to work. april kinda sucks for me. but i refuse to let it stop me from living, loving, and making progress.
i made it to the gym tonight & it feels so d**n good. i’m happy i went. it’s my meditation. it centers me and brings me back on my shit.
i hit glutes & shoulders and it felt so amazing.
lean bod, i’m coming for ya! 😈 also wouldn’t mind some massive delts... 😏
what did you hit today?? ⬇️

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Listen upp👏🏼👏🏼
lemme make something clear!!
as you get more into the fitness lifestyle. many people will say you’ve changed. and maybe you have. sometimes it’s a mindset shift sometimes you really realize what you value maybe it’s other people changing around you. just so you know it’s normal to drift from the things you used to do as long as you still do what makes you happy. everyone will have an opinion on what you should do and who you should be. don’t listen to any of those people. do whatever the f**k makes you happy and live your life for you! this is the only one you get. 😌

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