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I’m gonna need all the patience and calm today. 🥵 my air-conditioner is broken and the heat index is 110°! yikes. what would you take from this shelf today? [update: the ac is fixed! 🙌🏻😀]

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A gentle reminder that being honest about how we feel doesn’t make us weak, it makes us human.

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We want to move forward.
and get better every day.
but sometimes you lose track.
of yourself.
and need to take a break.
it’s important to remember.
that even in the summertime.
there will be cloudy days.
but darling.
you don’t need.
to work and move all the time.
for there is no point.
in fighting a storm.
when you can just breathe.
and wait.
until it’s over.
and the sun comes back out.

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{it’s healthy to have boundaries with your parents.}⁣

parents need boundaries too. ⁣

do you know how to set them?⁣

check out my course on boundaries⁣
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"when one door closes another door opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us." -alexander graham bell
some days may not go as planned, and that’s part of life. if you have the courage to pursue your dreams, setbacks are part of the journey. give yourself permission to fail. more importantly, instead of blaming yourself and engaging in negative self-talk, recognize the courage you have to even go for your dreams and appreciate the tenacity to take the next step. instead of focusing on areas that not turning out as planned, put your attention and intention on what is opening up.
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It’s okay to be a mess sometimes. in the end all messes get cleaned up and leave you with that refreshed feeling. smile today as tomorrow is always a new day 😚😇😃. artist: please tag

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Hi friends 👋🏻 just the gentlest reminder from a mountain pal and i ✨ you matter so very much, and we’re glad you’re here!❤️

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