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December 2018 comment 9 star 538

First mini-kitty prototype mould done! it'll be nice to add these to the shop once i've made a few more and streamlined this process a bit! im aiming to have them available sometime next week❣ i've got to admit, i haven't been at my most productive these days and i have a lot of messages to catch up on! i've been trying to cut down a bit on the amount of caffeine i drink because i usually drink coffee and energy drinks like a bastard, but i've been feeling so sluggish and unmotivated from not having them 😭 i've given up now and went and bought some oops! not sure if it's the caffeine itself that helps me or the placebo effect that puts my mind in action-mode! anyone else struggled to kick a bad habit? #resincasting #silicone #siliconemold #siliconemould #resin #sculpted #handsculpted #clay #monsterclay #moldmaking #mouldmaking

March 2019 comment 324 star 34,338

Speaking of nail art, did you know that you can use chroma flakes with resin by brushing them into a silicone mould? if you get the kind that is really fine and thin, you can easily create a fantastic surface-effect on your resin! make sure that you use a soft brush and really burnish the flakes into all sections of the mould until all stray flakes are flat against the silicone, then pour your resin. the flakes will stick to and bond with the resin surface as it cures 😊 #resin #resincasting #resincast #silicone #siliconemould #siliconemold #moldmaking #mouldmaking #handmade #etsy

2 weeks ago comment 270 star 27,634

Holy hell you guys! i'm getting so many responses to my giveaway post and i'm loving reading them all! it's really interesting to me to find out what you'd all like to learn more about πŸ™Œ gives me lots of ideas for what to share next! and you're all being so sweet when tagging each other and sharing the giveaway 😭❀ on my other post from a few days ago i got lots of suggestions for a purple/green colour combo for the clairvoyant kitty so i thought i'd give it a go! enjoy πŸ’šπŸ’œ #resin #resincasting #resincast #silicone #demolding #demoulding #siliconemold #siliconemould #etsy #moldmaking #mouldmaking

January 2019 comment 209 star 23,980

Plaster and porcelain do work well together. a h**p mould made by filling a small bowl with plaster and then detailed with a coping saw and wet n dry sandpaper before drying completely. lay a slab of clay, press, trim and release. the possibilities are exciting and endless. #mouldmaking

February 2019 comment 27 star 400

I don't get around to casting crystals much anymore because i so rarely work with epoxy resin these days, but this one turned out so gorgeous! would you be interested in learning how to make something like this? so many of you are messaging me about how to get started with learning moulding and casting and i thought making a mould from a crystal and casting it would be a good way to start! i'm currently researching sites like udemy and teachable to figure out where i might best fit in 😁 #epoxyresin #handmade #resincasting #resincast #resincrystal #moldmaking #mouldmaking #mouldmaker #siliconemold #siliconemould #demolding #demoulding #diy #resin

March 2019 comment 290 star 17,622

Do you feel like you're "behind" right now? this is my first proper post in 2-3 weeks, which is sort of stressful for me to think about. i'm sure that a lot of you can relate, and if you're super ambitious like me, i'm sure that you have a lot of extravagant plans for everything that you would like to create and do next!
i think it's wise to remember how much more time we all actually have ahead of us. look at how far you've come and how much you've learned and done just in this past year alone! the people who are really here for your journey and your work will still be around and excited to see what you'll do next. you will always move through times when your motivation and productivity is lacking, this is completely normal and just part of the ride!
you're not behind, you just expect yourself to do everything too fast! please forgive yourself for all those things you didn't get to today/this week/this month. beating yourself up isn't going to get it done. you've got time and you are right where you need to be. give yourself room. β™‘
pictured in the video is a mould that i haven't used in a while! one of my first little honeycomb planchettes 🐝. it doesn't have a hole all the way through, but a slot to embed a 10mm glass cabochon.(the mould can be found through the link in my profile)! #resin #resincast #resincasting #resinart #siliconemold #siliconemould #mouldmaking #mouldmaker #moldmaking #demolding #demoulding #demouldingvideo #etsy

4 weeks ago comment 182 star 16,187

πŸŽ₯ bonus process video! πŸŽ₯
i shared the long version of this in my story about a week ago, but after playing around with the video editing app on my phone, here’re all the good bits of my mould-readying process! as you can see, my process isn’t the cleanest or prettiest by far, but my moulds still get the job done and remain durable and strong so long as i take good care of them (storing them properly in a cool and dry place, not stacking them, etc). this time around, i used monster clay for both the outer mould ring and for the sculpt itself. for smaller sculpts, i like to cut up a plastic bottle, but i didn’t have an appropriately-sized container for this particular piece. luckily, monster clay is oil-based, so it can get very firm when cool, but you can reheat it to melt down old mould walls or sculpts and re-use it!
the silicone i use is by the brand smoothon; it’s platinum cured rebound 25, which is usually used as a brush-on silicone for things like mask making, but it’s super sturdy and i enjoy it for regular moulds, too! 🌸 πŸƒ β˜€οΈ hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! β˜€οΈ πŸƒ 🌸 .
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#repost @michael_sculptor with @get_repost
meanwhile in hackney @giuliamatrix_ reveals the first cast from the mould... #siliconecasting #mouldmaking#platsilgel10 #warhammer40k #eldar #howlingbanshees

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