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Não sabíamos onde íamos chegar, mas fomos seguindo o horizonte ✅🍀. somos do bora? bora! | #photography #trip #goodvibes #nature #cascatas #waterfall #free #natureza #indiada #rs #desbrave

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Where to next?
photo | @nathanmiftode

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🌊 blue beach 🌊

📍 tofino, vancouver island
🇨🇦 #bcisbeautiful // @dailyviewbc

📷 @todd.byrnes

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"animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." ― george eliot
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A true king until the end 🦁
photo by © larry pannell #outdoorior .
full story below:
we decided to try an area where we found a small herd of elephants the day before that was near a watering hole called rabelias dam near orpen camp. upon arriving we notice a large male lion crouching on the shore.
as our cameras clicked away you could see something was off, his posture just did not look right. on closer examination looking through the lens his left hind leg was protruding and at a strange angle. after he had his fill of water he struggled to his feet hardly able to stand. what you did not notice while he was drinking, he literally was nothing but skin and bones.
he slowly moved away from the water and staggered as if he was d***k towards a small rise. every few steps he would stop to catch his breath, his head hanging low until he had enough energy to take a few more steps. upon reaching the rise he turned to face the water hole and began his slow descent to the ground. about half way down he collapsed the rest of the way. it was evident he was in his last days if not his last hours on this earth.
later we learned that the name of this noble lion was ‘skybed scar’. the lion was well known in the kruger national park where he roamed and ruled for many years. he lived free and he died free.

caption via @natures

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#nature 🍃

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These are moments i dream about. what an incredible experience to photograph at white pocket. big shout out to will and justin @dreamlandsafari for taking me out there. the roads through the vermillion cliffs are nothing but sand and dirt and require a high clearance 4x4 vehicle, along with a an experienced driver to navigate them. i highly recommend not driving them unless you have experience, these roads are no joke and people get stuck all the time.
as for the photo, this is not a composite. a lot of photographers these days are taking blue hour shots of the foreground and compositing them with a sky that was either taken at a different time or sometimes even a different location all together. this is not the case with any of the milky way shots i post. for this shot i woke up at 2am, waited for the milky way to align perfectly over the rock formation and made my exposures. because of the restriction of camera sensors and the fact this was a new moon evening i did have to exposure blend. here are the settings;
@canonusa 5d mark iv
samyang 14mm f2.8
sky: iso 6400 l f2.8 l 15sec x 15 shots stacked in starry landscape stacker
foreground: iso 1600 l 2.8 and f5.6 l 8min a piece and focus stacked •

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