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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn ☝🏻 i never regret anything, because everything that happens it happens for some reasons 🤷🏼‍♀️ even if i tried something and i did it wrong, it’s doesn’t make me upset, because i got the experience ✨ kind of lesson, that won’t let me repeat the same mistake second time 💁🏼‍♀️ so my point is - take risks! if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise! 🙏🏻 how do you deal with your fails? 😌

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Иногда вы выигрываете, а иногда - получаете опыт ☝🏻 Я никогда не жалею ни о чем, потому что все, что происходит, происходит не просто так 🤷🏼‍♀️ Даже если я что-то пробовала и сделала это неправильно - я не расстраиваюсь, потому что я не осталась без ничего, я получила опыт ✨ своего рода урок, который не позволит мне повторить ту же ошибку еще раз раз 💁🏼‍♀️ Так что моё мнение: нужно рисковать! Если у вас получиться - вы будете счастливы, а если нет, тогда станете мудрее! 🙏🏻
Как вы справляетесь со своими неудачами? 😌

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Embracing the rain 🌧⚡️

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Every since i was little, i dreamed of visiting new york. i was obsessed with the place. absolutely infatuated. i hung photos on my wall of the empire state building, spent hours researching the city, i even recall going to the lengths of looking around 5th avenue using google street view. when my dad returned from the big apple bearing an i heart ny t-shirt and a yankees cap for me, i felt like i had won the lottery. •
of course, no destination is ever quite the same as you imagine it to be. it will always look and feel different to what your imagination conjures up. when fantasising about nyc when i was younger, i never gave thought to the incessant traffic. or the stench of the subway. or the heartbreaking poverty and homelessness issues that plague the city. no city is idyllic. no destination is flawless. every place in the world has its positives and negatives, elements that you’ll love and elements you‘ll loathe.

new york may not be the same city i fantasised about all those years ago. but now, it’s even better, because it’s no longer just a fantasy. it’s a busy, beautiful, gritty, grand reality. filled with elements i love and elements i loathe. it’s moments like this one- basking in cold sunlight on the brooklyn bridge, angry cyclists whirling past almost knocking us pedestrians to the ground- that i wouldn’t want it be any other way. •
i‘ve finally learnt not to have any expectations or pre-conceived notions before and even whilst travelling. now, i just let myself experience a place for all its flourishes and all its flaws. the best part about doing it this way? no destination can ever disappoint.

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It’s time for some snow nyc 📸: @jacobsantiago

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Newest addition to the moma 🖼

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👊🏼🗝“be strong, but not rude, be kind, but not weak, be humble, but not timid, be proud, but not arrogant.”
photo: @jaredthomaskocka .

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Above nyc w/ connor #35mm #portra400

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Traveling again and happy bordeaux is our destination! while we’re waiting to take off ✈️ i wanted to share a little podcast i did last year with @wqxr_classical about my thoughts on verdi’s ‘rigoletto.’ (link in bio) hope you enjoy it and be sure to check out the @metopera’s ‘rigoletto’ this coming feb/march! i’ll be revisiting gilda with some of my dearest colleagues (looking at you @vittoriogrigolo and @bryanhymelofficial 😉)

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