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"i've completed the #pantene14daychallenge and feel like i have a new set of hair. you all know i had a lot of #badhairday moments because of my hair loss and thinning after having chloe. i was on the verge of chopping 4-6 inches off because my hair felt dead and brittle. taking the challenge was my last hope and i'm so happy to announce that i'm keeping my long hair thanks to the #pantenesheervolume collection. with my hair healthier and full, i feel that i can finally try out all these new hairstyles that i've been saving on my phone and have a #greathairday more often. i'm sharing a full review on my blog and my journey these past 14 days. you can take this @pantene challenge too and purchase the sheer volume duo at @walmart. head to my blog for full details. #ad

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A #greathairday continues with @pantene – all the way in paris! i’m halfway through the #pantene14daychallenge and yes, i brought my #pantenesheervolume shampoo and conditioner with me to europe. 💁🏻‍♀️💕 after a week of use, my hair is feeling lighter and bouncier, and my curls are holding even longer (i’m rocking day old curls here – no touchup needed and most importantly, no #badhairday in sight!). will check back in after one more week! can’t wait to share my results with you! #ad #haircaretips #haircareroutine #hairjourney
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On a mission to make more days a great hair day! 💁🏻‍♀️ #ad when @pantene invited me to join their #pantene14daychallenge, i accepted! my hair is typically straight, flat and terrible at holding curls, so i'm testing out the #pantenesheervolume shampoo and conditioner for the next two weeks in the hopes that it gives my hair a boost! i'm usually a skeptic when it comes to bold claims, but my hair felt lighter and my curls looked bouncier after the first use. will be sure to report back after a few more rinses! looking forward to going from a #badhairday to a #greathairday!

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For the next two weeks, i'm embarking on @pantene's 14 day challenge to have a #greathairday! lately my hair has been falling flat a few hours after styling it resulting in a #badhairday, so i'm turning to the pantene sheer volume shampoo and conditioner to see if i can extend volume life all day and stop wasting time on afternoon touchups. this collection has a new formula designed for women who want full-bodied, thicker hair. 💁stay tuned to see what happens! #pantene14daychallenge #pantenesheervolume #ad

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Remember when everyone said pregnancy hair was the greatest thing ever?! ya unfortunately that skipped out on me! #ad since becoming pregnant my hair has been so dry and brittle! that is why i am super excited to start the #pantene14daychallenge so i can take my pregnancy #badhairday to a #greathairday! i will be using the #pantenesheervolume collection for the next 14 days and updating you all along the way! do you all have any winter hair goals?! @pantene

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I’m so excited to be partnering with @pantene again - this time for a 14 day challenge to try their sheer volume shampoo and conditioner! my hair is super fine, so it tends to be flat & easily damaged. there’s nothing worse than a #badhairday that makes me want to hide inside because my hair feels gross & limp! i’m hoping these products give me more volume & repair damage over the next few weeks! #pantene14daychallenge #pantenesheervolume #greathairday #ad

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Friends! it’s hair washing day and let me tell you, my hair has been feeling so amazing, lightweight, has so much body, smells heavenly, and my favorite – keeping its curl. even my sweet hubby said my hair smells good and has been so soft and pretty lately! talk about a #greathairday! i’m on day 7 of my #pantene14daychallenge, have washed my hair twice now with the #pantenesheervolume duo, and am loving the results more + more! @pantene see ya, #badhairday! #ad

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Do you prefer to have short or long hair? i’ve always preferred to have long hair. i’ve gone the short hair route and i didn’t feel that it looked flattering on me. long hair requires a lot of maintenance: i’ve contemplated on chopping my hair off to start fresh but after the 7th day of my #pantene14daychallenge, my hair feels incredibly clean, smooth, and healthy. i’ve noticed results since day 3 and haven’t used any other hair products since starting, not even hairspray. my hair has natural volume from the #pantenesheervolume shampoo and conditioner. i’m on the path of having more and a #greathairday more often and saying, goodbye to a #badhairday with @pantene! #ad .
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Shiny, soft, and hello volume! it's the afternoon and i'm still looking for something to wear, it's fine because my hair still looks great! day 7 of the #pantene14daychallenge with #pantenesheervolume i'm having fewer bad hair days and am on my way to having a #greathairday more often! #ad #badhairday @pantene
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