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It was an honor to collaborate with @codyjamesbarry for this #photoshoot that so beautifully captured me and my kiddos. if you haven’t checked him out, you should as his recent photos made the cover of @vogue for @vogue arabia . he really knows how to capture the spirit, the whimsy and the beauty of those he shoots while pulling #nature through which is something that is close to my heart.
nature, #cooking with #realfood , teaching our children to do so with #mothernature in mind is everything. it is our future. cooking can be such a beautiful way children can find nature in the every day and stay connected to our planet. i think knowing where their food comes from is crucial to upholding our empathy in a number of ways. i really believe when we teach this relatability, we naturally care more as human beings for the greater picture of what happens to our environment, to one another and to ourselves. there has never been a more important time for our younger generations to get this. when kids know how to cook, they can care for themselves as well as others for the rest of their lives which teaches thinking of others. we need to be instilling empathy in this way as it teaches us how to think beyond ourselves. this paired with the act of carving out space for the #familydinner leaves pause for communication, connection and sharing in a way that keeps alive what we are here to do. we are here to love, to gather and to cherish one another and food, cooking and the family dinner can help us find that. i always want to help people get excited about this. ❤️ from @chef_emery

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