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📍icelandic highlands
photo by: @hollow.sun
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photo by @pxlexplorer @josiahwg
@milliethegolden @yuma_and_laura

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photographer: @gavin.crews
model: @nataliengibson
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💚 which one is your favourite?
• switzerland
• san diego, california
• colorado
• scotland
• mount agung, bali, indonesia

photo by @thomasfelzmann @shainblumphotography @eye.of.ty @kuhrmarvin @backpackertampan
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To this day japan is the country i completely fell in love with. didn’t rent a car and explored an entire country by train and foot. as much as i love road trips, this made me feel at peace. ✨
if i had to describe this wonderland in one sentence, then japan is like the studio ghibli movies came to life all at once. 🐉
really looking forward to the day i return.🇯🇵

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Dolomite layers💭✨ this morning we explored some of the tre cime area and i can’t believe how many beautiful sights there are around it. how many layers can you count?

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Tropical rains in #palawan 🌴 (cc: @kayvanhuisseling ) #outstanding_pix

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How traveling changed our life 🗺
-we became braver because we had to leave our comfort zone so many times💪
-we learned to look at the world in a more beautiful way than it is portrayed in the media❤️
-we met people from different cultures who showed us what friendship means even though we were strangers👥
-our relationship became more intense because we had to overcome several difficulties together💏
-we got inspired by people outside of our bubble who showed us life can be lived so differently 💭 -we learned to become independent and realised there’s no reason to freak out when things don’t do accordingly to plan 😁there’s always a solution. .
do you also love traveling as much as we do? how did it change your life? 😊
🇩🇪wie das reisen unser leben verändert hat 🗺
- wir sind mutiger geworden, weil wir immer wieder unsere komfortzone verlassen mussten 💪
- wir haben gelernt, dass die welt so viel besser ist, als sie in den medien oft dargestellt wird ❤️
- wir duften menschen verschiedenster kulturen treffen, die uns gezeigt haben, was freundschaft bedeutet, obwohl wir eigentlich fremde waren 👥
- wir sind als paar enger miteinander verbunden denn je, da wir zusammen die verschiedensten hürden überwunden haben 💏
- wir wurden von menschen außerhalb unserer „bubble“ inspiriert und haben gelernt, dass das leben so unterschiedlich gelebt werden kann 💭 - wir sind komplett eigenständig geworden und haben begriffen, dass man nicht verzweifeln braucht, wenn alles mal auswegslos scheint😁es gibt immer eine lösung.
liebt ihr das reisen auch so sehr, wie wir? weshalb hat es euer leben verändert? 😊 #etretat #cliffsofetretat #france #cliffs #view #normandie #falaisesdetretat

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