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14 years ago today, pink floyd took the stage for the first time together since a 1981 concert at earl's court. (live 8, london, 2005)

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34 years ago today, david gilmour appeared at 'live aid' playing guitar with bryan ferry's band which also included future floyd/waters backing musician jon carin. (wembley stadium, london)

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30 years ago today, pink floyd played a 90-minute set on a giant barge moored off piazza san marco in venice. the performance was broadcast in over 20 countries worldwide, including the uk.

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9 years ago today, david and roger appeared on stage together at an exclusive charity concert in aid of the "hoping foundation" at kiddington hall, england. they performed semi-acoustic versions of 'to know him is to love him', 'wish you were here', 'comfortably numb' and 'another brick in the wall, part 2'.

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#wishyouwerehere#pinkfloyd#nickmason#richardwright#rogerwaters#davidgilmour🎸#pompeii🏛#sydbarrett✌-this song is more than a song. it's a dramatic moment but also a supernova that produced new stars in the brilliant sky of music

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