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Blue hour.

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It’s been a while! sometimes life gets crazy and it takes time to get the pieces back in place. it’s kind of a lazy day today so i’m taking the opportunity to put some color out into the world ..i’ve got a few things to share .. starting with unpacking some new(ish) work from a couple of amazing artists. check out these collaborative commissions created by @reederone and @rm.strum .. made to be together. #eastereggs #urbanart #urbancontemporary #postgraffiti #artcollector #artcollection #vdkcollection #streetart #michaelreeder #reederone #primalchant

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by @xsullo

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Playing tourist in london is my favourite thing. i used to live in shoreditch with lili for a summer and then studied there for a term and i love the variety of culture in that area. skyscrapers next to hipstery street art alleys, vintage markets and rainbow bagels! oh this city has my heart.. can’t wait to live here again 💛
(and yes, we have 25 degrees in the shade!!)

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