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So much has happened in the last few days! i got bitten by an aggressive fish, a monkey threw a rock at me, and a gecko ran into our villa and i spent an hour chasing him around with a broom 🐠🐒🦎🧹 traveling is so fun bc every day is a new adventure. you meet new people, see new sights, and get to do things you’ve never done before! the only bad news is that my phone’s screen suddenly stopped working :( sorry if i’ve sent you any random gibberish dms, my phone has grown a mind of its own 😩
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Here comes the sun ☀️ @princesspollyboutique /// outfit details are linked on my site +

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Cleaned out my closet and it feels so good 🤗 // what are your plans for the weekend?! 💫 #winteroutfit

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Animal print galore 🧡
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Camouflage 🕊

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