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The cutest cabin in the woods. 🌲
photo by @brendinkelly

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Who would you share this with? tag someone you’d want to join here!
photo by @elisecook #takemoreadventures

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Traveling with a significant other is simply the best! tag your adventure buddy 👫
photo by @yeahsimone #takemoreadventures

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Awesome swing in indonesia😍

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Don’t mind me while i dream about hot summer days and the crystal clear water of the adriatic...

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Skogafoss, iceland◇
iceland - land of waterfalls. there are so many and diverse waterfalls in this tiny country. skogafoss is one of the the more touristy waterfalls since it is located in the southern area, and obviously because of its beauty.

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So grateful to be where i am. ⭐️ i have been thinking about this a lot lately, and what makes the journey worth while is the people you surround yourself with. so lucky to have everyone that i do in my life.
photos by @brendinkelly

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The arizona desert with a dusting of snow is a magical mixture! 💫 — #staywild 📸: @alleewild
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seeking the unseen. living among the wild.
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winter roads of alaska ❄️ swipe over and see the how incredible it would be to visit! tag a friend you’d like to go on a winter road trip here!
photos by @neohumanity
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