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Ngorongoro crater >>> the ngorongoro conservation area is one of tanzania’s most popular safari destinations, and for good reason! known as the land that time forgot, the ngorongoro crater is formed by a dormant volcano, and features gorgeous scenery and one of the highest concentrations of species in east africa. spot the big five, abundant gazelle and antelope populations and an exciting variety of birds. all of our safaris are tailor-made to your desires, so if you’d like to visit ngorongoro on your east african safari let us know and we’ll plan the perfect trip!

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Tag your sushi-loving friends. can you imagine a more memorable spot for sushi & sundowners?
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Proudly local >>> tanzania destination is more than a #travelagent, we’re a #touroperator. even better, we’re locally based in #eastafrica. this means that when we plan a #safari, we’re working with decades of experience and an extensive network of camps, lodges and other local businesses. our know-how gives every safari we plan a special touch! •

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Beach days >>> every safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but to make it even better, we recommend scheduling a few beach days on the indian ocean. after early mornings and game drives over rough tracks, you’ll be ready for the peaceful rest & relaxation found on the swahili coast and in zanzibar, both known for beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters and amazing hotels and resorts. each of our safaris is tailor-made, so let our experts know that you want to include some beach time! ---
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Looking for that perfect trip that won't break the bank? .
how about a 6 day exploration tour, visiting some of the most magical landscapes in east africa.🌍
this tour packs in all the great highlights tanzania has to offer; .
✅ arusha
✅ tarangire
✅ great rift valley
✅ lake manyara
✅ serengeti
✅ ngorongoro crater 🗓 6 days
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10 days beach holiday and safari in tanzania

do you want a combined serengeti, wildebeest migration safari, and a zanzibar holiday safari? then this safari adventure is the best budget to achieve your safari plan. you will see the wonderful wildlife in serengeti plains and in ngorongoro crater and you will have days to enjoy the wonderful zanzibar beach!

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Our route recommendations are: ☑️9 day northern circuit
☑️8 day lemosho
☑️7 day rongai

these routes offer the best balance of high success rates, beautiful scenery and fewer crowds.

what’s your favorite route?

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Looking for a truly memorable adventure?⠀
looking for a truly memorable adventure?⠀
this 5 days pure safari is the very best of tanzania's northern circuit. staying at lodge in arusha and public campsites in ngorongoro and serengeti.⠀
highlighted in this tour is a visit to the 'endless plains' of the serengeti and the ngorongoro crater some 12 miles across which plays host to endless wildlife.⠀
✅ arusha⠀
✅ serengeti⠀
✅ ngorongoro crater⠀
🗓 5 days⠀
🛏 basic⠀
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The swahili coast tour is the perfect balance of quality and price, enjoying comfort stays in small lodges and tented camps. 🌴🏖🌊⠀
find our more about our 6 day tour and all the incredible things that zanzibar has to offer. from it's rich history to the wide choice of water-based activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy! ⠀
🗓 6 days⠀
🛏 comfort⠀⠀
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